Monday, October 1, 2007


Acute caffeine deficiency. Trying to cut back on caffeine is hard but it is helping the insomnia!

Some days it seems that you just can't win. I usually try to encourage patients to stop smoking and have heard all the excuses but I have had such good luck with Chantix. We had several people who work with us in the office stop smoking with it and it sure has helped many of our patients. Today I saw a heavy smoker with a large neck mass and after the biopsy and the thankful news that it did not appear malignant, I suggested that he stop smoking and explained how the medication works and the success that we are seeing. He said no way and that he saw a report on "Good Morning America" about how the medication caused someone to committ suicide. I then suggested that there are other medications and support programs to help stop smoking and he looked right at me and said "no way, that causes suicide". I so hard wanted to say, "if you continue to smoke, you will be committing suicide", but didn't. I haven't seen the "Good Morning America" report, but I am pretty sure that they did not elude that stoping smoking causes people to committ suicide but I am pretty sure that they didn't do anything to help people stop.