Sunday, November 4, 2007

Pones and Risins

Things have been a little crazy lately. It is the end of the year and people have either met their deductables and are seeking help with things that they have waited on for all year, or they figure there is no chance that they will meet it and had better get in. No matter what though, their surgery has to be before the first of the year.

This leads to the difficult situation of addressing the large pone that has grown on the side of someone's head. I am learning that a "pone' is a rounded swelling, while a 'Risen" has a head to it, or maybe it is the other way around. Either way, I don't think that "pones" and '"Risens" are things to ignore, but if you don't have insurance or you have $5000 deductable, there is a significant inventive to hope that it goes away with time.

I wonder if we should change the term "holiday season" to "surgery season". Our hospital OR is 33% busier during November and December with the influx of so many elective cases and cases that really are not elective but have been delayed for insurance reasons.


SeaSpray said...

Oh my gosh...thank you for this post Throckmorton! It was timely for sure. I had an appt. to sea my urodoc last week to get results of my renal scan but unfortunately had an emergency that had to be dealt with or I never would've canceled. But then I never called back to reschedule..I guess because I was avoiding.

I believe the results are good just based on how I feel now vs last fall and besides if something were wrong he would've contacted me. So that is good news and frankly I would be surprised if it weren't.

Your post is timely because I TOTALLY forgot about the end of the year crunch. I have had those same concerns myself in the past because obviously one wants to minimize their costs as much as possible.

I'm pretty sure I've healed or am well on the way to healing with the ureteral stricture dx but I have another issue to be followed up on. Yes,it is elective and I don't know if I require another office test and if surgery is probable and if it is then I should do it all this year. Seriously...your post jumped out at me me when I stopped in here earlier and so I called his office to reschedule the follow-up. He doesn't have an opening until November 26th! And now it will be Christmas season! And with going back to I want to deal with anything surgical after starting a new job? On the other hand If he can help then he once again would be making a big difference for me.

I think I am as happy for the urodoc as I am myself because I had been really sick and it was a chronic condition that took a lot of skill,dedication and time and he always treated me with respect and compassion and patience...he was very patient with this patient. :)I am happy for him because I would think that from a doctor's perspective it must be so rewarding to know that you have made a significant difference for the better in a patient's life, especially because it was a difficult case.

I've given him, his partners and office staff- food gifts, flowers from the garden and thank you notes. They have all been so amazing and of course most of the thanks goes to him for his hard work. You my heart..I feel like there isn't anything I could do, say or put on paper that could ever convey my heartfelt gratitude. They really are the best doctor's office that I have ever been too. I adore my PCP too and his office is nice but this uro office..well suffice it to know that I would work there if it were possible because they are that good and I would want to be part of a team like that.

I know this was long but you have already conveyed how much you care about your patients, so I know you understand. I have said this in other blogs but you docs see hundreds (maybe thousands?) over the course of your career but we patients see you, just you as you are working to help us in whatever capacity. What you do is so important for so many reasons. If all goes well, you treat and the patient moves on unless a PCP or follow-ups are required and you move on to the next patient and the next and so on. But we patients, the ones who have been really helped by you will remember so many of things about you and the care that you have given. This doc and support staff have truly been a blessing to me during this whole thing and I just hope that in some way I was to them too.

Again, it must feel so good to know that you are helping someone in the ways that medical people do. :)

What exactly is a pone and risin? I tried to google it but to no avail. I do feel for the uninsured. It's tough even with insurance sometimes.

SeaSpray said...

Throckmorton,I have a question for you.

From a surgeon's perspective-what criteria should a patient use to determine whether or not they should have an elective surgery?

I realize there are so many variables depending upon individual circumstances. But are there generalizations that would be consistent regardless of circumstances?

Even though this is the busy surgery season for you, I hope you have your rewarding professional moments and other good moments in the midst of all the craziness. :)

SeaSpray said...
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