Friday, August 15, 2008

The Innocent Pay.

Our legal system always amazes me. We have the criminal system where one is innocent until proven guilty and the tort system where one is guilty no matter what it just depends on how much you want to pay. Well here is yet another example. I have a patient who was shot in a drive by shooting. As he is ready to leave the hospital he will need some supplies and equipment for his trach and tube feedings. He has to pay for these out of his own pocket as he does not have insurance. He will also be responsible for his other medical bills. There is a slight possibility he may get some money refunded from the victims fund. The guy who shot him however crashed his car and is in custody. His full medical expenses are covered. The victim can not work and may well be paralysed. The guy who shot him has a free court lawyer already working at getting him off on a technicality not to mention trying to get him disability.


SnowLite said...
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SeaSpray said...

That is tragic and just so wrong!

In NJ we have Charity care, although it doesn't cover meds and supplies and physicians.

Perhaps he qualifies for some kind of program?

The laws are good for protecting innocent poor people, although then you hear they get railroaded because they are poor. Unfortunately fair for all and so the creeps benefit too.

I have to say I lost my innocence at 36 yrs old. i was so naive about the law. I actually believed innocent until proven guilty and i can tell you from experience nope... not true off the books. With law enforcement or any are guilty until proven innocent. We found out the hard way. I could write more but might go longer than you want. :)

Ok .. just one more thing... Do NOT E-V-E-R cooperate with any kind of legal authority, even though you know you are innocent and believe they will see that too...without legal representation... for anything.

I hope something good happens for your patient.