Monday, April 2, 2012

Bariatric toilets

I hate board meetings but every now and then there is something in one that makes you wonder. The medical center has been having two new problems. The first is that the toilets are only rated to 450 pounds. Apparently, this is not enough as many are breaking due to patients exceeding the load carrying ability. The second is that a family member of a patient who is over 500 pounds not only broke the toilet but got his leg stuck between the remaining porcelain and the wall. He of course has lawyered up and filed an intent to sue. So, at the board meeting we have to find a way to rebuild all the toilets in the center not to mention find a way to cut somewhere to pay for them. In my usual not helpful way I asked just how they were going to identify which toilets were up to the task. After many suggestions and interesting door micrograms the medical center attorneys said we should just call them bariatric toilets.


SeaSpray said...

Wow. How embarrASSing! ;)

I didn't know that could happen. I wonder if toilets are just made more cheaply like so many things are now?

I'm trying to figure out how his leg got stuck that way. You never see toilet weight warnings. No one does displays toilet weight limit warnings. So how can the ctr be sued? Well, I guess anyone can sue ...doesn't mean they'll win.

"In my usual not helpful way" ...that's funny ...lq2m. :)

rnraquel said...

A few years ago in my hospital orientation, we were informed that the hospital was seeking to become a Bariatric Center of Excellence or something. They showed us a picture of a wall mounted toilet with an X through it. Apparently the wall mounted toilets had been known to detach from the wall and fall to the ground when a person over 400 or so pounds sat on them. Who knew? So, toilets installed into the floor from now on!

SeaSpray said...

You know ...I've never even noticed if toilets were in wall or floor. Heh. I notice if clean or unsanitary or where the toilet paper is sitting ...never noticed mounting.