Saturday, February 22, 2014

Unsolicited Medical Advice

I cant imagine being a pharmacist!  It must be horribly boring and tedious and I am so grateful when they catch a stupid mistake I made regarding a dose, allergy or interaction.  They drive me nuts though when they starting suggesting other medical treatments.  One of my patients recently had a script filled for flagyl.  The pharmacist asked her what it was for, and the patient replied that it was for some problems she had "down below".  The pharmacist then suggested several vaginal douches and also recommended that the patient be tested for other STDS.  The patient was horrified that she might have something else and called the office upset.  We had to explain that the flagyl indeed for her antibiotic induced diarrhea and not for the vaginal issue the pharmacist was discussing!

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SeaSpray said...

I don't even get fever sores and I would've been freaked out by the std comment and definitely called my doctor.

I can see where that would be annoying for you though.

And I am grateful to pharmacists too because they are helpful with medication inquiries. Never have one give unsolicited advice tho.

I also stick with one pharmacy because I figure this way they have most records and less chance for mistakes that way. I assume they can see MEDCO orders too.