Friday, July 27, 2007

EMR sign

Stat consult called. Rush in to see patient. On the floor I can't find any of the nurses by the patients room. Instead they are all at the nurses station trying to enter things into the EMR. I ask for the patients vitals and find out that they are in the computer. The computer doesn't let anyone log on. (passwords have to be changed every so often and now it has locked up the system, good old HIPPA), I ask the nurse what she thinks the vitals might be but she explains that they are taken by the nursing assistant and then entered into the computer. I try to find the assistant and luckily she has them written on the back of a napkin but she is not sure whose is whose.

Finally we get the computer up and running which lets me access the patients history and progress notes. The patients history is : "waiting to be transcribed". Interestingly, all the JACHO forms are there. I did find the vitals.

I am so glad that we have EMRs to help save lives, just whatever we do, make sure there are lots of napkins!


SeaSpray said...

Must be frustrating to come into that and then be delayed.

Thanks to a couple of other blogs I will be forever amused by the Name/sign Throckmorton.

I read your posts and think you have a good blog and so am blogrolling you.

Of course, I would blogroll you for the blog name alone. :)

SeaSpray said...

One question.

I don't work that end of things so I don't have a clue how things work on the floors (although thinking about looking into it)but couldn't someone retake the vitals instead of "everyone" hovering around the computer?

Just wondering.