Friday, August 24, 2007

Hooters' Sign

We had a bad cancer case that took for hours and my neck and back was aching. I went to reach for my Bextra which had really worked well and all I had was some old Vioxx samples. Of course my brain went ito a rant about lawsuits. I hear all the time about the Vioxx lawsuits and can't help but remember Dow and breast implant cases. It sure seems that there is a race on for attorneys to sue Merck before the science debunks the case. In the case of the breast implants, how come if a jury finds a person criminally guilty but later science (say DNA) shows that he is innocent, he is freed, but in a tort case if science shows the jurys screwed up the plaintiffs dont have to repay the defendent? I mean after it is all said and done, silicone implants are back and the only major complaint about them that has been proven is that many patients wanted them replaced because they were to small.

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