Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bucket Case

I really love the oppotunity to help coach little league baseball and I have to admit that my knees are not what they used to be. To help the pitchers, I often catch and have broken down and scored a bucket to sit on. My bucket is an awesome piece of plastic that used to contain 10 gallons of pickles and their juice. It was a gift from Sonic.

Three times on the bucket's circumference is a warning label that states in bold letters that the bucket should not be placed in or around babies and shows a picture of a toddleing infant falling into the bucket. There are also warning labels not to burn in the bucket, use it for flammable materials and lastly a large and lenghty statement that the company who produced the bucket is not liable for any injury that may result from the use or misuse of the bucket. I checked very quickly to see if I could use it to hold baseballs and then sit on it while trying to catch fastballs. I have to wonder, what costs more, the bucket or the liability on the thing. I wonder if I will soon have to fill out a lengthy contract to utilize the bucket and hire an attorney to help decipher all the aspects of my bucket user agreement.

How did we get so screwed up that buckets have to have warning labels?


SnowLite said...

I am thinking that these companies must be hiring some creative thinkers. You know...put them in a room...give them a product and then use their imagination for all the possible ways a person could possible injure themselves..regardless how abstract. Then give that to the company lawyer who will write up the legalese in simple terms. If it's a warning...then they can't be sued...right?

Now if you get hurt while doing this on said bucket, you may be able to find a loophole and sue the company for not warning you, but then you really wouldn't want to do that because you would be as bad as everyone else that sues for something that was due to their own stupidity and so the blame game continues.

The baby warning is a good one because babies are top heavy and they have drowned in buckets.

I have seen some ridiculous warning don't put water in the toaster, don't use the plastic container on the stove to cook in, etc.

I hate how everyone is so squirrelly about lawsuits.

SnowLite said...

Hi Throckmorton- just want to add something about knee pain.I know how you feel because I've had mostly left knee pain which was caused by meniscal tears which I did twice -7 yrs apart. And then the added weight exacerbates the discomfort.

I-buprofen or annaprox help me on the bad days but I am not supposed to take it because its not good for my kidneys so I do take Tramadl when necessary but I am trying something that I am optimistic about.

Have you ever heard of the MonaVie juice? I don't sell it and Frankly, I am just starting it myself so I can't say much about my experience with the product.

However, I was intrigued with the Happy Hospitalist's personal results with the product. He writes about his weekly experience with the MonAvie and has the weeks listed on his sidebar. He also explains how he got started with it and his colleagues are having good results too. There is also a MonAvie site to go to.

I will be my own test project over the next few weeks. I will know if I feel better or not. It is expensive...but I will tell you what...ANYTHING that can alleviate knee pain is well worth it. I'll just cut back elsewhere and perhaps sell it. If I believe in something or someone...I can't help but to promote it/them. :)

I am interested in using it to promote healing and better health and love that there is this energy boost and more clarity of mind with the product. I HAVE experienced that.! I'll let you know how I do if your curious although Happy outlines his experiences really well.

I was dying to try it and as fate would have it, someone in my personal life generously offered me some out of their stock to try. That was great because then I didn't have to spend the extra money to sign up or pay a higher price to purchase it!

I am taking the original but there is the Active Monavie which has glucosamine added too it.

Oh and the added energy I have experienced isn't like what you get from's different, but a good thang. :)

I hope you don't mind me saying all that, but I got to thinking about your knees hurting enough that you want to sit down and so thought you might be interested in the product. Ya never might work. :)