Saturday, March 29, 2008

Documentation Insanity!!!!!

Yet another of JACHOs great ideas is that there is now a form that must be filled out when a patient is discharged that lists all the medication that the patient was on in the hospital and whether or not they are going to be continued or discontinued when they are discharged. This is in addition to the fact that the discharge medications must already be written on the discharge orders. So, I discharged the patient and filled out the darned form. 3 hours later there is the page because the form did not state if I wanted the neomycin irrigation continued. This is despite the fact that this is the fluid that was used to wash the wound in surgery 3 days ago and he has not been on it since.

I guess I should be happy that the person who called about this is doing this stuff and not actually seeing patients.

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SeaSpray said...

Why is the perpetual redundancy of requirements by these agencies/administration tolerated ad nauseam?

Using this particular form for an example...what is the good that comes from filling this out? What is the gain?

And what is the loss?

I am thinking it is time multiplied x pts = time taken from pts, practice and ultimately family. Also time = money and so lost revenue. Multiply this times how many other redundant forms/computer programs, etc. and it can sap even more time, money and energy. Am I understanding this correctly?

Since the info is already documented on the discharge orders which is also a part of the pt's permanent record I would think that would suffice.

So...I am wondering WHY someone or some committee thought this was necessary? Idealist that I am, I have to believe that all these added rules and regulations are intended for good, for the protection of both providers and patients but at what cost in the end?

I am guessing somewhere someone got sued because of some med mix up with discharge papers.

Then there is all the HIPPA paperwork/requirements. Big deal about privacy (it is important) but then I read in Dr A's blog that The Cleveland Clinic wants to bring Google on board to have the ability to access pt records through Google. They are beginning a trial program with Google and have sent letters out to their patients to see if they are willing to participate and if they do they have to sign a release.

I don't want Google having my personal info!

I don't recall the details but I'm sure you could GOOGLE it! ;)

I am sorry these things have to bog you down when you really just want and need to do the real work at hand...taking care of your patients!