Friday, April 18, 2008

Cardarelli's sign

I am not a big reader of people's body language but I could not help but notice that during the last Democratic debate, that Hillary Clinton had a little Cardarelli's sign whenever she talked about the "sniper incident". I got to watch most of the debate while waiting for the OR. We were an urgent case but had been bumped by an emergency. While we waited we decided to medically examine the people on TV. John McCain has had what looks like a wide excision of a melanoma with parotidectomy and cervical rotation flap. (I wonder what depth his lesion was?) Anyway, one of the anesthesia docs had the best question? Why don't the presidential candidates have to have a physical and psychiatiric evaluation before running? The results could greatly affect the election or at least the choice of vice president. Can you imagine if the psycological evaluation of Hillary came back borderline personality trait with manic tendancies and that Obama was bipolar! What if McCain had a melanoma of 3mm depth and 85% occlusion of his LAD? If we could get a medical and psycological evaluation, could we also get an IQ test and the results of a personality inventory? Heck, lets test them like astronauts to find out who is the best, put them in high pressure situations to see if they crack, whine or fail! Make them do Marine boot camp to see who is the best military leader, put them on "The Apprentice" to see their economic skills. Only after they make it through these prereqs could they then run!


SeaSpray said...

I LOVE this post! :)

I'm pressed for time but will be back.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Throckmorton-that's funny that you noticed her Cardelli's sign in conjunction with her talking about the sniper incident.

I love how you were all watching/discussing it during your down time waiting to go into the OR. Makes me miss working at the hospital and I have some good memories watching/discussing things with my co-workers during down time. Sometimes they would come out to registration when we didn't have patients and at that time the tv was in the same room. Ha! Things could get pretty spirited sometimes. :)

Gotta give McCain credit in that despite his personal/physical setbacks..he rises again and never gives up. Seems to have the tenacity of a pit bull...once he sinks his teeth into something...he doesn't let go. Of course that could be either good or bad depending upon the circumstances. He has a temper (who doesn't)but out of the 3...I think he would prevail. Although...economics is not his strong suit at this time so he needs to take someone on board who can compensate for that.

I can just hear all the talking heads nauseam...discussing all the test results and their present and future implications.

Hillary borderline personality? That works for me. ;)

What is bipolar? Never heard that growing up and now it seems everywhere you turn today...some one has a dx of being bipolar..or ADD.

We know Obama can't bowl and so not likely he can cut the physical stuff. ;) Now Hillary...she's one determined lady and I can pretty much see her and McCaine hanging in there through physical/emotional adversity. However...Obama is a powerful orator and probably has the higher emotional IQ. Then again we need a leader- not a cheerleader! :) would be interesting. Hey! I know! And I love this...set the candidates up with what you describe...but do it as a weekly reality TV show with a winner at the end. While it would take up a TV season it would STILL be shorter than this democratic candidate process is taking. ;)

I love The Apprentice. I am competitive when it comes to wanting to raise the most money. Enterprising person that I can be...whenever I have raised money...I always came in with the highest results. So whenever I watch that show...I really wish I could participate.

Hmmm...whic of the candidates would The Donald fire?

Also enjoy their creativity. I really like this past season with the celebrity winners donating to their favorite charities.

Actually, speaking of psychological evaluation...I wonder what traits they do have in common? Most people don't want that job.

I think you can learn a lot from a person's body language. Like you noticing her Cardelli's sign.

I look at things like overall countenance (sincere smiling-eyes that light up), body positioning, firm handshake, good eye contact,inflection in voices, do they welcome you in their space, come closer in your space, touch you, give you time or discount you,hear what you are saying as evidenced by their response,etc.

Mostly...I am an eye person. You can tell a lot by how someone looks at you...whether from across the room or up close. Our eyes can speak volumes. Unfortunately...I usually don't wear my contacts and unless I am right in front of them...I can't tell if they are making eye contact other than they are looking my way.

I think a person can control some of their body language but then I also think things leak out that we are unaware of.

They say women are better at this then men. I don't know if that is true though. I think the politicians have probably finessed this skill and is how they get as far as they do. That and hold a baby or two if you're a man. :)

I will be paying attention to some of these things when I do go in for my interview.

Sorry I went on so long...but have always found psychology and body language to be interesting topics. And yet knowing what I know...sometimes I am still clueless. Sometimes...I'd rather just be in the moment though rather then evaluating it. :) I guess I should be looking for the Cardelli's sign and I'll have to pay closer attention to Hillary the next time she says the word sniper. :)

Another long comment-delete if you wish....I was inspired by your interesting/funny post. :)

SeaSpray said...

Good morning Throckmorton! :)

Just felt like saying that.

It be neat to have a Throckmorton in my life so I could say that, you a dog, a bird just something.. cause I still giggle over it. :)

Ok, admittedly...I am feeling friskier than usual. :)

I love today. Isn't it great when you wake up to feeling that way and everything seems right with the world? Well lots to do and off to the races!

Have a great day! -whenever you see this. :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

Excellent post. Princess Diana had to under go a thorough scrutiny, no stone left unturned for that poor girl. Police have to pass a psych test. You go to purchase a new vehicle you look under the hood, given it a test drive, but the leader of our country - who knows what we're buying.