Friday, April 18, 2008

Disel fit

(the name of the hip prosthesis that is grabbed from the OR shelve) I broke the spining head of my "weed wacker" yesterday and set about trying to fix it. I actually love fixing things! (the internet has helped so much as it has the answers to many hosuehold fixes, you can go to a forum and type "diswasher won't completely drain" and there appears the solution!) Anyway, I got out the manual that came witht the weedwacker which is amazing in itself (I still had the thing!) I launched into the search of how to fix the thing and found 14 pages of warnings in 4 languages! No where in the thing does it say which way to wind the darn string once I epoxy glued the spinning head back together. The good thing was that in the English warnings at least it did not say "do not accidentally hit a garden rake with the weedwacker and then attempt to put it back together with duct dape and epoxy. I guess if it explodes I can always go to the new website (SueEasy)

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SeaSpray said...

Hey Throckmorton! That's great that you like to fix things! I wonder if it is because you are a surgeon and you work with your hands or is it just a guy thing although not all guys can do it or have the patience?

Last year I was speaking with my mother's podiatrist and he was telling me all about when he is off...he is ALWAYS working on something, building, tearing down walls, etc. and that he loves tools. And that he really enjoys when he is in the OR. He told me that when he goes to the dentist a friend)he likes to look at his tools too. Interesting. I loved his enthusiasm! :)

I was spoiled by my uncle because he was one of these guys that could fix/do anything. He once said "Pat...when you own a house...there is ALWAYS something to do." Boy was he right and he was always doing something.

Hope ya didn't have to go over to Sue Easy- very funny! :)

If you are interested, go over to my blog when you have a chance and read today's post "Just One More Thing! MonaVie!"

I recall that you mentioned having sore knees a while back and so you used a bucket for sitting on. I mentioned the MonaVie product back then.

I have some experience with the product. And Monday I started taking the active formula and I am optimistically excited about the product. I actually doubled the doses today because I wanted to get it into my body so it would start building up or whatever it does.

I do have questions about the product and hopefully at some point in time will hook up with a person that guide me should I decide I can or want to stay on with the product.