Thursday, June 5, 2008

Goody's and a RC Cola

(breakfast of champions!) More musings while I await the CT results. Usually I hang out in the scanner control room but we are three deep and the alcoholic who fell and hit his head is first. There is the usual aroma of ketones, stale beer, vomit, urine and burnt popcorn wafting through the hall. He is giving a running discourse on how he is spending his "stimulus check" and how bad his head hurts and want's to know why we don't give him a Goody's and a RC. The CT tech is trying to guess how much he weighs and if he will fit in the scanner. (It is only good to 400 pounds). I can not tell but I think they had to use 2 backboards for him.

Nuts, the popcorn nuked in the microwave again. Howcome there is always that one mutant bag of popcorn that undergoes meltdown? Oh well, there might be a few good kernals in there somewhere. Coffee is burnt too. I think the guy in CT is right, a Goody's and a RC would be good right now.


SeaSpray said...

Oh-h-Throckmorton,Throckmorton-you're too funny! Gee! And LOL! I NEEDED that! :)

I am really tired and it is only 20:08 (busy,crazy day today)and I saw in my bloglines that you had posted and so I decided to meander over here.

I saw your THROCKMORTON picture, started to read your post and then it hit me and I did a quick "What was that?" double take!

If I wasn't so ready to fall asleep with Dorothy in the poppy fields I wouldn't have been so slow on the uptake. :)

How apropos for your blog! :)

Thanks for my first real laugh of the day! :)

SeaSpray said...

Shoot..I forgot about your post!

Our stimulus check went to oil which came in at $4.26 a gallon-OUCH! And other household bills -electric..also ridiculously high! Food and gas...really hurts. I don't know if that is what the government had in mind but I think that is probably the reality for a lot of people. I am thinking it would be better if people were buying material things, increase supply and demand and new jobs and spiral upward. I wonder if paying energy bills does anything to help the economy?

I hear you with patients and weight and I know that is not easy for staff or patients. Well maybe some patients don't care but I think most are embarrassed.

We used to have this 550lb or more woman come up to the hospital via ambulance as an inpatient sometimes. It was a big deal and they even had to get maintenance get gloved up and come to help. Small hospital and they didn't have a lot of available male staff.

Boy would the comments fly in anticipation of her arrival and I always hoped she never heard any of it, but people being people-she probably did.

I also know the staff has valid concerns about hurting themselves. And it must be extra work too.

I am really down on myself right now because I had lost about 50 lbs since fall 05, then this fall started gaining and went back up 30lbs. And I have to lose more than that.

My joke is that I was on the Percocet diet! only have to be stented (ureter), in pain and on Percocet. Always a trade off ya know! ;)

Actually all I did back then was eat whatever I wanted (mostly healthy), lunch plate size for dinner,drank a lot of water and swam oh and nothing to eat after dinner unless healthy like fruit, cereal, etc. I could have done so much more and so I am hoping that this time will be it.

I have recently lost 5lbs though and so that is a start back in the right direction. I am trying to get our pool open so I can swim more frequently.

One thing I always wonder about people who gain weight. Where do they go when the weight starts creeping up? Hellooo, anybody home?

And I know people that don't have weight problems can't understand how a person can gain weight and not care. I wonder too? And I do care. But it is not black and white. There are other variables that come into play.

Ha! You do studies. Figure this out and you'll get rich and be viewed as the savior of the western world and probably get the Nobel Peace Prize! :)

Obviously, for most people it comes down to calories in and energy expended...but it IS more than that. AND...why IS it so difficult for people to maintain weight loss? It will be a lifetime struggle unless they come up with something.

I swear...I have a lot of head knowledge about this...but action is a whole other ball game.

My understanding is that every time a person gains weight-they create a new set point. When they lose the weight, their body is somehow programmed to go right back up to the most recent set point and then to surpass it. WHY???

I know it is true though because I have experienced it. I guess I can be pleased that I did not go back up to my highest weight and am reversing it now. That's something anyway.

I think my weight crept up when my marriage became so stressful. That and I had started working in ER Registration 3-11. I Had dinner at 5 but would come home ravenous and eat a regular meal-then go to bed. I don't drink (rarely)or do drugs. Overweight people self medicate with food. And really, I eat if I am happy, sad, mad, bored and I am a nurturer and happiest when feeding others and helping them to feel better. And somewhere in there I equate food with love, safety and pleasure...all pretty powerful motivators to continue the bad behavior.

Of course speaking as a woman...feeling healthy, pretty and would think are powerful motivators and I LOVE those feelings...I really do. Okay stopping here. But your post has inspired me and really ties in with things I have been doing lately and so I will post about it in my other blog. I feel like I have a million thoughts going on in my head right now!

And I feel like I am in a new phase of my life because I have a lot more freedom now and I want to take advantage of opportunities, but I am holding myself back. I just want to feel better about myself before I go to work somewhere and even though we do need the money, I feel I just have to do this.

I have given myself a deadline to the end of July and I want to lose 40lbs (counting the 5 I recently lost)and I think it is doable. If I do that... I will break a barrier that hasn't been broken in a long time and I think it will energize me to continue. And I know if I go back down in weight my knees will feel better. The last thing I want to do is go gimping into an interview.

Anyway...I want my life back!

Burned popcorn and burned coffee-YUM! :) I hate the smell and taste of burned popcorn. I worked with an ER nurse that burned the popcorn on purpose because she liked the taste of it. And once radiology had a bag of popcorn catch on fire and called for Dr RED. :) But it was nothing really...think a memo went out though about microwaving popcorn. :)

I am behaving myself with Throckmorton comments! :)

SeaSpray said...

Hmmm...I can't believe how much I wrote here. And I was joking about the Percocet Diet and now I am on it. Life is so weird. had know idea I'd be stented again.