Thursday, June 26, 2008

Suit Sign

Anyone walking the halls of the hospital in a suit is either an attorney, mortician or an administrator. Either way, the outcome will not be good.

We just got back from our reality check in Guatamala and I really hope that we were able to help make some peoples days a little bit better. I was so saddened though when we saw that so many of the children in the orphanage had adoptive parents waiting for them but that the whole process was marred by attorneys our for their own good. We saw famlies waiting for 5 to 6 years because each step was met by another attorney needing $5000 for this and then that, stringing them along while another just comes out and says "give me $60,000 and I will see that all the paperwork is expeditied". The lawyers have turned orphans into their own little cash cows and they are milking them for all they can.


SeaSpray said...

Interesting observation Throckmorton.

I am so impressed that you help people like that and I agree with you that is very sad when children are held up from being adopted into loving homes because of red tape/money. It's just so wrong, especially since they CAN expedite the paperwork. Everyone wants to make money but I am sorry that it is at the expense of the children.

I stayed over night after a procedure/surgery at the hospital last night and again though of you.

There are just so many ways to be contaminated but you just have to do your best and hope others do to.

My roommate told me the worst story ever.

Her sister delivered a baby 4 months ago. Flesh eating bacteria got into her incision. Yikes! She was sent home after 2 days post c-section and ....she had a fever. isn't that against protocol?

Roommate went over to look at incision and she said it was awful and obvious something was wrong.

Long story short...she was in the hospital and separated from her baby for almost the entire 4 months. They never got to bond and the baby had to get used to her.

She was on a vent and things didn't look good. I forget all the details now. They kept her on morphine the whole time so she was out of it but then sent her home addicted and she never received any counseling/support involving this narcotic. Her pcp helped her with that in the end.

It was a PA hospital and Pocono is running through my mind.

My urodoc said the covered me in betadine and was glad to hear it. :)

SeaSpray said...

one thing that skeeved me was the OR transporter took my book and put in the bag with my flip flops that I use to walk in the halls and bathrooms of the hospital and all I could think was staff and all the other stuff. I finally took the jacket off and had it put in my other bag. I don't know if that was good enough but have since been reading the book.

SeaSpray said...

Good morning Throckmorton!

There is something neat about being able to say Good morning to a Throckmorton. :)

Hmm...maybe ...I should go get my 1st morning cup of coffee or perhaps go back to bed.?

What to do? ..what to do? :)