Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Thwarted Darwinism

Traveling by air can be such a hassle but I have to admit that I am a people watcher and some of the best people watching occurs at the airport while waiting for a flight. I had a lot of time to kill and was wandering around the concourses when one of those things that sums up our society occured right in front of me. I was on one of those moving sidewalks where the signs say "stand right, walk left". I was walking behind a lady when she came across another lady who had piled her bag on the stand side and was standing in the walk side leaning on the handrail. The lady I was following said excuse me only to get a foul look from the other who was blocking the whole sidewalk. When she finally moved she said b*****. The lady that was walking turned to her and asked if she could see the signs. When she had gone the lady that was blocking the whole thing turned to another lady who was beside of her and said, "why didn't you tell me not to stand there?" All I could think of was this was our society. She could have said "my bad" or "sorry" but instead of owning the mistake turned and blamed someone else. I guess it should not have stuck me so bad, except that she was traveling with 5 school children as a chaperone.

There was slight justice, she was so busy yelling at others for her mistake that she missed the end of the moving sidewalk and went flat into the floor. Darwin was thrwarted though, only a slight bruise.


SeaSpray said...
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SeaSpray said...

I never understand that kind of behavior and feel sad that common courtesies seem to be a foreign concept to people. How did that happen? Seriously... why do many people behave so poorly in public?

Don't parents teach good manners anymore? They are so simple and easy to follow through with and I think that when people stop being polite then it sets in motion over time a breakdown of positive interactions... a ripple effect of bad behavior.

I was taught if someone drops something, that you immediately bend down to help pick it up, hold a door open. I am appalled at the number of people who don't make an effort to help someone when they should be.

When a man does something hold a door open, I will say thank you but then often and with a big smile say "Ahhh..chivalry's not dead!" and they always smile too.

But I digress.

You are 100% right about "owning the mistake" and I cannot stand when I see someone deny something I know is true when all they really have to do is say "I'm sorry, etc., etc.," I think some people are ignorant and others are afraid to admit a mistake for various reasons...(I've read in med blogs that docs are because of potential liability in law suits) but I have a lot more respect for the person who can look you square in the eyes and say "'re right... I, we, it...whatever could've been done better or ..I'm sorry" goes a long way with me. I also think it validates the offended person's feelings and therefor strengthens trust and respect.

I agree with you and think it is APPALLING when adults behave so badly in front of children. i suppose that answers my questions about breakdown of good manners in society... it's bad behavior perpetuated. But still...what gives people the idea that it is alright to be so rude and obtuse in public?

Oh..wait..I know..IGNORANCE!