Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Professional Posers

One of the first things that I learned in my career, is that if you want to know who is the best surgeon for yourself, family and your patients, find out who has operated on the most people in the OR and the hospital. These are generally the people who have the best knowledge base and have worked closely with the surgeon and pick that person to do their surgery above all others. It is a womderful compliment of trust when the head OR nurse asks you to do thier childs surgery. I find it interesting then that a local surgeon spends much of his time acting as a professional expert in medmal cases. When I asked about him, the head nurse of the OR said, "Oh, he is a big poser!" I asked her what she meant, and she explained "He looks the look and talks the talk but I wouldn't let him touch a dead cat." "He is a soap opera doctor". After hearing this, I had to agree. He is at all the staff meetings and surgical committee meetings but I have never seen him in the OR. When I asked her about this, this said that he has to be at all them as a strong offense is the best defense. As to being a Medmal expert she said "he out to be good, as he is good at malpractice".

I could not help but wonder about more posers that I see, especially with all recent political unpleasentness.


SeaSpray said...

Interesting Post Throckmorton!

I typed a long comment about surgeons, etc., but had some other things requiring my attention and so after returning found my computer frozen...no matter what I did. GRRR... and so just had to reboot and subsequently lost my comment. (Have to say though-older son custom built this computer and it has lasted longer than the other 2 store versions.) :)

So I will come back.

But regarding politics... I must admit...I am curious as to who you consider as posers. ?? I know..private question. :)

Anyway... I can not wait for the VP debate tomorrow nite and suspect it will probably have the highest ratings ever for any political debate. I am pretty much a McPalin girl but the deal isn't sealed... although likely. And that is saying a lot because I am someone who feels better when guys are in charge. Is that reverse sexism? ;)

I am most interested in how she will do-knowledge and nervous for her. But hey...like they say...she's a heartbeat away from the presidency and more likely to assume that position than most VPs.

If Biden gets pummeled by her... I would feel sorry for him..but I don't really think that will happen. The talking heads have criticized her for her lack of knowledge during interviews but I can't help but wonder if she is playing dumb like a fox. ?

Unfortunately this financial crisis is trumping foreign policy/the war, health care, etc. I don't think any candidate fully understands the issue.

And I do wonder what the consensus is among doctors for which candidate's health plan is better?

Either way...it would get sliced, diced and rearranged by the time anything pit into effect. Rhetoric comes easy..the actions bog down.

I can't help but wonder if this health care crisis is so huge if it won't end up like this financial crisis has (dire emergency) because no one seems to actually address anything other than ad more regulations, with hold reimbursements, etc., and instead they keep sweeping it under the rug. The typical "Tomorrow..I'll get to it tomorrow syndrome", not to mention the insurance company CEOs that line their pockets who seem to go unchallenged.

I understand that the woman asking the debate questions has a book coming out about and favoring Obama and I truly hope that won't be a conflict of interest that causes her compromise her professionalism.

SeaSpray said...


VP debate 49 minutes away!

I almost can't stand the tension. :)

SeaSpray said...
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SeaSpray said...

Hi Throckmorton- One of the blogging docs admitted to being an ass in the OR sometimes and yet was humbled when members of the OR staff still came to him to do the surgery for a loved one.

It's downright scary to think there are surgeons out there who aren't honing their skills for continued improvement. Most people would be clueless.

I think you have an advantage if you work in a hospital or are friends with people in the medical profession who are privy to such information.

Even then... there are good experiences and bad experiences reported about docs with good reputations. There are so many variables to be considered.

But...the OR nurses see a lot I am sure. And things have a way of leaking out at hospitals. HIPPA helps but people are still people and things get out.

One night, a doctor came into my area to make copies and then sat with me to chat. He wondered where I had been and when he found out I was seeing a certain surgeon became livid and told me to go back to another one I had been seeing. He was furious about what happened with someone he knew and gave me her number to call her to find out what happened.
(I am sure if I asked..he would have told me)

This doc is a surgeon himself. Different hospitals. I can appreciate that he had an issue... but everything in me because of my past experience with my surgeon that winter told me that I had the right guy for the job...and... I really didn't know him then as he only began working with me 3 1/2 months earlier. Little did I know how complicated it would be. Ahh ignorance is bliss. :)

I reluctantly took this person's phone number and was secretly praying for a patient to come in to interrupt us and they did. I thanked him and as soon as he left...I tossed her number in the garbage.

Was I wrong? I suppose a lot of people would've wanted to know every detail.

But my reasoning...(I stand by it more than ever) is because I had a complicated case and even though I didn't have a relationship where we knew each other-I actually thought he didn't like me (he was abrupt in the beginning)... I felt he was cutting edge. There was just something about him. He was always on top of everything and I had this sense he never missed a thing. He seemed very particular, precise,in charge, and even the way he runs his office ...very efficient. And he was sweet a couple of times too but there wasn't any real connection at that point.

One of his partners joked with me that if I wasn't good with appointments..they "would hunt-me-d-o-w-n." :) I even complimented the office staff to this partner when I was only a patient not even 2 months and did not know anyone. This practice just stood out. They have excellent follow-up.

And even though my doc was abrupt in the beginning and is very busy...he listened well and I felt heard by him just appreciated what I saw in him at the hospital, the clinic/office. Even phone calls...while I didn't/don't expect it...he has amazed me with how he takes the calls or calls directly. My PCP is good and I know I can talk to him any time but this Dr has been outstanding...seriously!

So back then...it was my experience and it was my instinct about him as a physician/surgeon. I did not have an emotional bond preventing me from calling the person the other doc requested I call. It was purely on my experiences, observations and the nature of my case and how he handled it... my even then..trusted doctor handled it.

The other doc I am sure knows I never called this person and that's awkward but I don't care.

Now...having been through all that I have, and having gotten to know this doc and bond with him... I KNOW more than ever that I made the right choice.

Even though something happened the Doc was angry about ...still...who knows what variables are involved or if he even had another issue or loyalty elsewhere. Then others might say.. I should have because a doctor was telling me to ask about someone close to him...but I never told anyone else... and I just believed and do ...that I have the right surgeon for the job.

Frankly ...talk about reputations ...Over the years...I have heard staff and patients say negatives about the doc (surgeon)I worked with. But.. I know of patients that swore by him.

I am a discerning person... I know there are risks with all surgeries. You can bet I wouldn't trust my body... my life...with just anyone!

One day an ED doc and I were talking about doctor's reputations. He was also a surgeon who practiced in another hospital system.

He told me that he didn't think nurses picked doctors based on the right decisions. But I don't remember what his criteria was or why it differed from his.

Obviously though...an OR nurse sees and knows all in that area and would not want anyone but who they perceived as the best.