Saturday, January 24, 2009

HiB no, death yes!

You got to love Jenny McCarthy and all those that think vaccinations cause autism. HiB just killed an unvaccianted child and sickened 4 others in Minnesota. In our area we have had outbreaks of mumps including several with encephalopathy. Long Island now has outbreaks of German Measles including in pregnant patients. I cant count the number of chicken pox encephalitis that have been seen. Whooping cough is now in early epidemic stages and can be fatal to infants. For a while I think we could count on herd immunity but now I think that this is rapidly becoming a pipe dream. The media will take no responsibility for hyping the "notion that vaccines cause autism" they just do everything they can to sensationalize something regardless of its validity and hide behind "freedom of speech". I just hope that the resurgence of polio stays isolated because once you got it, there is no cure.

In our area, we have a large number of people who have come into the coutry illeagally and of course have not been vaccinated. In fact one of our local hospitals has had a whole group with active TB. The health department wants to track down who these people have been in contact with but of course they wont tell.

The good news is that many of the companies that made vaccines have be sued into nonexistence. If these recurrences of disease continue I expect that the remaining companies will be sued for not making enough vaccine available. After all, the media that started it will try to sensationalize that it is "Big Phama" that is to blame.


SeaSpray said...

Okay're giving this germaphobe nightmares tonight!

Ignorance is bliss. I just said this over at Dr Rob's Musings of a Distractible Mind (he has a post up about this to and how he has never had to deal with epiglottitis and discusses his concerns)but I never worried about vaccines or crib death with our sons.. because I didn't know about them. Well..I must've known about crib death with 2nd son.

I remember getting polio sugar cubes and a needle for something when I was a child.

Polio is frightening..they all are!

I thought I read somewhere (recently) that there isn't a link to vaccines and autism..but I could be wrong. If it is true..they should put the word out through every possible medium.

I never had the mumps. And they didn't do vaccines for that when I was little. I only had one kind of measles.

When I began my job at the hospital there was a note from lab on my time card saying something about me not having had the German measles. But I had already had one child and I don't know why..I never pursued it. Not sure what it was about. second OB doc never mentioned it when i was pregnant again and I assume they did labs. So..I don't know which measles I had. I know my mother wouldn't let me near light and she even had me put child sunglasses on. Something about damage to eyes with measles and sunlight. ??

I sincerely hope they find a way to reverse this trend.

It would be a travesty to go backward with these diseases when it doesn't have to be that way.

The masses seem to listen to Obama...get him to make public announcements.

SeaSpray said...

This is disturbing!

Why isn't there a universal vaccination policy around the world?

Lack of funding?, Poverty? Lack of education?

It seems so senseless...ESPECIALLY in this country... seriously!