Monday, January 19, 2009


On a more serious note, I saw a report from the Sun (Validity?) that a terrosit cell may have been partially wiped out by a yersinia outbreak (al-Qaeda in Algeria). I don't know what type but I can only guess that it is the pnuemonic form. I have to wonder if they were working on a weaponized form and that it got free. Pneumonic plague is very nasty because it does not require a vector and is caught from inhaling an aerosol of the bacteria. It then can spread rapidly from one infected person to another and can rapidly wipe out a population. Someone with it has a first symptoms of a bad cold and is spraying the bacteria with every cough and can infect thousands in the right place. The good thing is that it is usually sensitive to doxycycline if you can catch it fast enough. Chloramphenicol and streptomycin also work but you cant get them anymore (lawsuits!) I dont know about you but I think some doxy in the medicine chest may be a good thing.

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SeaSpray said...

Perish the thought! A germaphobe like me has to banish those thoughts.. but you're right.

Certainly there are factions out there..patiently waiting for their moment.

I hope President Obama meant what he said during his inauguration speech.

Not popular, but feeling sentimental about Bush leaving.

Too bad about Kennedy but at least he was able to attend.

Exciting to watch everything.

*** Would LOVE to be on the plane back to Texas to be privy to the conversations and to know what the Obama's are saying behind the scenes.

Wasn't there an attack on a Japanese subway years ago where the terrorists attempted to release something?

When you think of the heavily populated areas and how it could spread...truly unnerving. I wonder why they haven't done it but grateful it hasn't.

I really hope Obama will prove to be a strong leader... and maintain a strong military presence where ever needed and not dismantle the military in any way... as the left so often advocates and sometimes achieves.

Hope I didn't offend you or your readers with my comments.