Saturday, March 13, 2010

"Obama Care"

Got this in the Email.

Obama had a physical recently.Hes 48yo.His physical included a virtual colonoscopy and a cardic CT scan.Do any of you think you would have been able to get prior authorization for either of these procedures?I dont think so.Niether were indicated .Too bad for him...he was just exposed to a serious amount of unnecessary radiation.What a contradiction this man is.Have any of you ever included these procedures as part of a physical in an asymtomatic ,healthy 48yo man?And what does this say to the country when hes ramming thru healthcare legislature that many Americans oppose.


Andrew_M_Garland said...

Quip: Healthcare reform is going to be great and less expensive. That is why we politicians are excluding ourselves, federal workers, unions, and the people and political players in our own states.

Powerful politicians want healthcare "reform" for the nation, so long as it doesn't disadvantage themselves or the people who support or vote for them.

Blunting the Costs of Healthcare Reform

Why didn't they do a head CT while they were at it?

SeaSpray said...

O-h-h-h the hypocrisy...

Good points Throckmorton!

I thought a virtual colonoscopy was supposed to be better for you because not as invasive. ?? Although ..I also thought I heard that it may not be as accurate. I don't know if I heard that correctly though.

I saw Dr Oz on Oprah, show the cardiac scan and it *saved* a woman's life. I wish we all could have them and that they didn't have radiation risk. So much for wishing. :)

Maybe because he is a smoker?

And maybe he envisions that we will all be able to have said tests under the new HC system... you know ..because the new system will provide every man, woman and child with stellar, state-of-the-art healthcare for free..indefinitely ..with the help of oh maybe a few little taxes.

Throckmorton ..are studies about radiation risks conclusive? is it a known *fact* that patients exposed to more radiologic testing will be adversely affected with future health issues?