Friday, March 26, 2010

Its only $5!

I cant talk too much about it as all I can think is that the President and Congress have reinforced what makes medicine more expensive and charged it to us and our children. Although we in medicine are surrounded by examples of this it is apparent that none of our congressmen or senators bothered to investigate the issues themselves. Here is what I found out in five minutes. I needed an antibiotic so I called several pharmacies, I found out that my copay would be $5 and they assured me that that was all I had to pay. I then called back later and asked how much it would be if I paid cash. It was a generic antibiotic. It was $31 at Wallgreens, $29 at CVS, $17 at Kroger, $3 at both Kmart and Wallmart.

Yeah, I guess Congress and the President are right, it is the drug companies and the insurnace companies that are screwing us!


SeaSpray said...

Hi Throckmorton - It's nice to see you post again. I hope you're feeling better. :)

I am profoundly upset about this bill passing as it is now. I've said a lot in WC's blog and so will spare you.. I'll try anyway. :)

There are so many things that alarm me about all of this. One of the most blatant and mind baffling what you said .. "it is apparent that none of our congressmen or senators bothered to investigate the issues themselves", and for the life of me ..I do not understand how this could be acceptable... or legal. ???

I would also add that journalists did not do investigative reporting and present the facts. If all the journalists did their jobs without bias ..I doubt this bill would've gotten this far. But they sold us all out with this last election ..more than ever before. I have absolutely no faith in this administration and for the first time in my life I feel afraid for America and that is such an unnatural feeling. Things feel so different's almost palpable.

One of the key reasons people are so mad is because of how they pushed it through - dishonestly..they rushed. Remember that bill they put out last year on a Friday night to be passed Monday so no one had time to read it? I have never seen anything like this in my entire life. But they do not know the contents and they rushed and signed something that will impact us negatively for generations. They are disgusting. I have never said that about any politician no matter how much I disagreed. But thanks to satellite/instant news we learned a lot. The president said children were covered and they are NOT - pretty big mistake considering the goals. He is a lawyer and he didn't even know something that should've been fundamental in the bill. They rushed.

I am concerned about our insurance which is affordable yet good. I will be curious to compare this years premiums to 2011. I pray they are not through the roof. But then they may lesson coverage. I am sick about this. I feel for everyone that has a good plan, for small businesses and for all of us because I keep hearing a tax on this and that. Are they trying to break this country?? One has to wonder.

And you gotta love that they hired 16,000.00 irs employees when Geithner and Wrangle are crooks who don't pay their taxes. But you can bet if a fine is levied on the people ..they will accrue the high interest until the fine is paid.

Well the dems own this monstrosity and it's on their heads. they are either too stupid, selfish to see what they have done wrong or they have ulterior motives.

I went back to bed and refused to watch the signing and so I missed the BFD choice. Two years and 8 mos to go.

SeaSpray said...

Now they are going to put cap and trade back on the table when some European countries are backing away because it doesn't work and they are going to work on amnesty.

Foreign policy is looking weak. Someone in the know(military)..didn't catch his name was discussing how we aren't going to put heavy sanctions on Iran now. I forget what the scale was for but it had to do with vulnerability/safety of our country and he said if with Bush we were a 4 with this administration we are at a 7. You just know that our enemies are plotting and looking for the moment either to do something or find ways to exacerbate our national vulnerability. And i read last week that we are down 100 fighter jets for the marines and navy. And I am concerned that this administration will look for ways to cut the military budget. Also going to be in talks of reducing nuclear arms with Russia. This president is so naive and the administration's ideology can't seem to comprehend the dangers. I hope I am wrong. I thought this was a great comment although alarming. Laura Ingrahm (sp?) said that we are playing checkers while our enemies are playing chess. That seems to size it up. God help us.

And now to have them go out with talking points trying to link tea party people to violence ..appalling! Did they take a good look at who these people are? When is the last time a mob of angry conservatives threw molotov cocktails in windows, set off bombs, beat up on police who have to come out in riot gear with tear gas, beat up innocent people who were harming no one solely because they disagreed with the HC bill, etc? These dems are playing a dangerous card and they should be ashamed of themselves. But historically ..political unrest ..violent political unrest has been their MO.

Palin has the right idea tho not let this sidetrack us from the HC bill.

I am sorry so long and off track a bit and delete if you wish Throckmorton. I have to say it feels good in here .. reading voice of reason vs feeling beaten up in a liberal political med blog I visit.

Anonymous said...

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