Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fannie Mae Health Insurance

Sorry that I have been away. We are getting creamed at work. The effects of "Obama Care" is beginning to hit. The new quotes for health insurance that is hitting small businesses in our area and the surrounding states is scary. Because of the increased demands on the private insurance companies as well as the costs imposed on business, rates for health insurnce are going up between 27 and 37%. As a result, companies are dropping healthcare. Patients cant get Medcaid because it is out of money. So, there are now more people without insurance and those who have it have giant deductables and are waiting until it is very late to get care. Medical centers like our that have an open door to the indigent are getting creamed. The indigent is now increasing, the underinsured is skyrocketing. The cost of practicing medicine are increasing exponentially with the new bill. It is like medicine is being done by Fannie Mae. Give everyone "healthcare" that they cant afford, hide the cost and stick it to future generations. Then let it forclose and destroy the whole thing.


Chrysalis Angel said...

And it's just beginning.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Throckmorton - welcome back! I'm sorry things are getting so crazy for all of you in the medical business/field.

This is upsetting ..actually ..ALARMING for all of us that understand the situation. And frustrating ..and maddening.

I know you can't read their minds TM, but why do you think the administration thinks this is such a good thing?

How can they not see the cause and effect? I believe in helping the poor ..with all my heart I do ..but it seems there could've been a better way to target specific problems instead of taking us all down for such a comparatively small part of the population. I know what it is like to not have insurance and feel afraid and not have money ..been there ..done that. I sincerely mean it that I think we should implement something... but not destroy the entire system ..ultimately harming so many more.

I am hoping they all get voted out and there can be some kind of rescue effort to salvage the better parts of the system by a new administration. We need more politicians like Chris Christie ..what a pair that guy has! I'm just saying.

This is not like me to do this and I am sorry ..but what a bunch of morons in charge right now..imo! YES had to be fixed. Yes we should help the poor. But we can all see the European system unraveling and yet it's like we are now on the titanic and Obama and his ilk are taking us full steam ahead ..come hell or ice water!

I am sorry if I offended you or any readers and feel free (obviously) to delete. I guess I am feeling testy today.