Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dr. Obama

It has been pointed out to me that your anterior communicating artery has been bleeding profusely and that every minute it bleeds you lose cerebral cortex. I will do my best to schedule time to look at it between meeting with basketball teams, golf dates and trips to help my friends. After a month or so, instead of decisive action, I will appoint a commission to look into the matter composed of political appointees and public relations people who will spend several months looking at the issue from a political safe point of view after which I hope the problem will just go away. The commission will have no power, it will just make recomendations which I will pass on so that the person on the scene will be held accountable instead of me. I wish you well and remember, I am in charge.

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SeaSpray said...

Good morning Throckmorton - excellent analogy ..sadly, disturbingly, frustratingly and alarmingly true.

This would be a perfect editorial for the papers or discussion ..vis-a-vis ..physician to talking heads.