Monday, June 21, 2010

Early bird get eaten by the worm

We take call a week at a time. This means that for a week I am zooming all over the city to different hospitals at different times. I've noticed something. When I am going in from 3am to about 9am, I will hardly ever see an Obama bumper sticker. When I am done at one of the hospitals and then driving to another later in the day, I see them. There seems to be a lot that can be inferred. This seems to be independent on traffic as the rush hour is over by the time you see the Obama stickers. The same is true later in the day. You never see them during the 430 to 700 rush.


SeaSpray said...

Maybe it depends on the region you are traveling in.

I *hate* car stickers of any kind.

But am totally tempted to find and put one up about not killing other people because of texting/talking on cell phones.

Throckmorton many people swerve in toward me and when closer ..I see they are on a phone!

Unless you are a physician or Jack Bauer(24) ..what the heck is worth CRASHING into someone else or something? Texting while driving 23 times worse than drunk driving.

I have never seen an Obama sticker. I know they're out there ..but just haven't seen one.

SeaSpray said...

I meant to say ..but NOTHING is worth killing/maiming oneself or others over cell phone use in car.

I did it briefly in early usage but now refuse until I stop driving.