Sunday, October 31, 2010

Grim Reap what you Sow

We knew that it would happen, but how do you explain business to people who have never been in or ran a business. In healthcare, the private insurance elective procedures generate the revenue that covers the expenses of all the other care. We told our Blue Dog that if the healthcare bill goes through, private insurance will cost more, patients will have higher deductables and will therefore not have the procedures that pay the bills to keep the hospitals open. They didnt listen. People cant afford to have thier total joints, knee scopes and such and as a result hospitals are going broke and cutting services. So, they "expanded healthcare" by making sure that there was nobody who could afford to give it.

They also said that people who are high risk could buy insurance in "co-ops", these dont exist, so these people dont have insurance and still need medical care. The hospital in the Blue Dogs home town is now closing at the end of the year.


SeaSpray said...

All valid points.

Well ..I've been glued to the election results/commentary tonight and it would seem most people aren't happy with obama care either... among other things.

Election nites are so EXCITING!

And bye-bye Pelosi! :)

I am wondering what our insurance will cost ..effective January 2011. particularly since son had to go off policy 2 months to go back on. Putting him on cheap Cobra.

I just know THAT is gonna cost us. And he never needs to use it and is just ins for the big stuff ..God forbid.

I hope to God the reps can repeal some of the HC bill. I heard it can't be repealed ..only repealed in certain areas. I am concerned about the things you shed light on.

SeaSpray said...

I meant to say I heard it can't be *reversed* ..only repealed in certain areas.