Saturday, October 9, 2010

Magical Thinking

Late last night several of us were in the little office in the ER while we waited for the OR to get ready for the second of the emergent cases of the night. One of the ER docs was there watching the news that was showing some of the Presidents speeches of the day. The ER doc went on a kept muttering, "Magical Thinking". I asked what he meant by that and he said, "he says things like he thinks that just by saying them they will come true, you know like jobs, economy, the whole bit. Just look at him, he is about to have a major psychotic break!" Before I could ask further, we had to go to the OR but I couldnt help but wonder. If the president does have a psychotic break, who makes the call? I mean, is there someone whose job is to keep track of the sanity of the commander in chief and Baker Act him if he goes supratentorially dysfunctional? If he does get Baker acted, is there some plan set up to have a competency hearing? Who is part of that hearing? For that matter, does a presidental canidate ever have to pass a psychological evaluation?


SeaSpray said...

God forbid!

The idea of a president having a psychological breakdown is disturbing and the thought that they might not catch it is frightening. But ...there must be so many things in place to guard against that.

Well's the denial game. Both sides do it . Ignore the facts and snow the people you can with your version. But he and Pelosi are especially adept at that.

My favorite ...although disgusting too ...was after Pelosi vehemently slammed the Tea Party People when they began to rise up ...she later tried to identify herself with them ..stating the dem party shared a lot of the same ideals. For the average mainstream democrat ..that is true ..but not of her and her ilk.

There is power in words and positive thinking ...especially when it comes to healing ...achieving ...things that *can be* affected by faith and attitude.

But politically speaking ...facts are facts.

SeaSpray said...
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Supremacy Claus said...

Congress is the boss that can fire everyone in government. The branches are co-equal only in the imaginations of the members of the other inferior branches.