Saturday, February 26, 2011

Environmental Crisis of non-epic proportions

Warning, this may contain some actual scientific postulates.

I'm stranded in the airport. We have a plane but no crew. This leaves me with more time and very little to do to settle my ADD. So here is some of my rambling.

Somehow I got to thinking about the gulf oil spill and remembering how all the environmentalists were screaming about how bad it was and how many microbiologists were saying it was no big deal and that there were microbes in the ocean that were going to eat that stuff right up. In fact, it was adding to the microbial food chain. As it turns out the microbiologists were right. I then started to think, well perhaps oil is part of the food chain. I mean, we have bacteria that have evolved to eat oil so it is part of their food chain, that means perhaps something else eats something and excretes oil. I know that there is a bunch of research trying to use recombinant technology to get algae to excrete oil, but I got to think that there is already microbes that do it. All microbes need a metabolic fuel. Well, plant and animal tissues contain amino acids as their building blocks with some carbohydrates thrown in. Amino acids have by definition amino groups. These amino groups contain a large amount of energy which could be used to power microbes. This would allow the decomposition of bio-organic materials, producing free nitrogen and splitting off hydrogen to allow it to combine with methane moieties to create hydrocarbons. This would also explain why we have so much nitrogen in the atmosphere as it would be in circulation just as the CO2 and O2. How long do you think it will be before someone discovers a ammonia loving microbe that lives deep in the soil that eats coal and secretes oil and natural gas with free nitrogen as a byproduct? What will the anti-oil environmentalists do when they find out that oil is a natural part of the world food chain?


rnraquel said...

I think you really need to get on this right away. I drove across the state today to visit a friend and was like "Why did I not buy a Prius?" Gas in Central Florida today was 3.32/gallon and still going up. You could cultivate your microbes, obtain cheap gasoline for everyone, become a gazillionaire, and never have to concern yourself with the Joint Commission ever again!

SeaSpray said...

This is extremely interesting Throckmorton.

I couldn't help but remember what a Christian prophet spoke of back in 2005 and has several times since then.

You seem to be giving the scientific background for what he has publicly prophesied to those that know of him.

And I know among my blogging friends, I may be forever banished out to crazyverse for putting this up, but here goes excerpt from one of his prophecies about it.

"There will be a source that they will have within this Nation. It shall come from the garbage, it will come from the ground, it will come from paper, it will come from bugs eating a bunch of stuff. I'm seeing a bunch of bugs eating a bunch of stuff. God said this is going to be the craziest thing. They are going to say, Wow This is being wasted The creatures are eating what could be used to cause our engines to work and our vehicles to move. I'm seeing this bunch of bugs eating this stuff and there it is, that's it right there."

In another prophesy - he mentions the sea as a source and other things.

He has also said people should keep their eyes open for early investing when it becomes public.

Wouldn't it be neat ...if you were one of those people making tyhe discovery?! Ya never know... :)