Saturday, February 5, 2011


I listened to the President talk about how he wanted to promote innovation. The problem is that he and his team have so alienated the pharmaceutical industry that many of our drugs are in short supply or no longer can be found, and here is the latest. Phizer announced that it is laying off thousands of its research and development personnel and moving its whole antibiotic research facility to China. Maybe we can use Obama-innovation and move our whole health care system to China?


SeaSpray said...

That's disturbing!

And maybe I am wrong ...but with some of the products coming from China containing led in baby/children's toys, etc. ...I am not very trusting of their quality and safety standards.

I really wish we as Americans could find a way to sacrifice if we have to ..but to keep our corporations over here. The American people need work. And that politicians would stop screwing up the medical system on all levels.

SeaSpray said...

OFF topic ..but, this looks promising:

If the government doesn't screw it up with pharma companies if it gets to that point.

SeaSpray said...

Guess what?

My pcp is closing his practice. :(

I wrote a post about it. I am so SAD about this. I'm sure it's worse for him.

Boy ...times sure are changing.

Low ins reimbursements one of the reasons ..I am guessing a major reason. I wonder what he means by the changes coming to medical care as we know it? :(

Sorry off topic - seemed relevant in your blog since you sound the alarms all the time about these things.