Friday, March 25, 2011

Air Traffic Controller Lapses

I just saw on the news that the air traffic controller at Reagan National Airport fell asleep and as a result two aircraft low on fuel had to make landings. The Air Traffic controller's union in perfect form blamed the issue on staffing and not on the fact that the gut was asleep on the job. It is a good thing no one was injured. I guess unions are a good thing. If we decide that we are going to take a nap and ingnore the emergencies coming in to the ED, we are going to get in huge trouble. I guess that is why docs cant form a union, its not like we are responsible for bunches of people who could be in danger.

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SeaSpray said...

Okay ...that is frightening. You really don't want your air traffic controller falling asleep.

Maybe there is something to the short staffing if they are overworked. I've heard it's a high stress job.

I know you wouldn't want to hear that because surgeons are hardcore because of residency. or maybe different now with reduced hours?

Off topic: One of the funniest lines in med blogs regarding residency was by Panda Bear in which he said something like -Surgeons eat their young in residency. Or something like that.