Friday, March 25, 2011

Medical Ductape

I think there ought to be a medical hall of fame somewhere for the people who have contributed the most to medical care but who have not had their name placed on their invention. One of the most awesome things is that Mefix tape. It is like medical duct tape. It will hold in chest tubes, NG tubes and hold pressure on wound until you can pigure out what to do. Another cool thing is that artificial snot stuff that is on the back of EKG pads. It sticks, but you can pull it off later and it is like the rubber cement you used to put on your hands and play with in grade school. I dont know who invented it but I like how you can cut the end of the tube that chest tubes come in, and then use it as a blow gun to shoot those oral care sponges on a stick. Pillow packs. These are cool, besides being a convient way to get saline to lavage a plugged ET tube, they are awesome one shot sniper squirt guns. Opsites (tegaderms) are cool too. See through self stick sterile saran wrap. I wish I would have though of it. I think there should be a special place in the Hall of Fame for the person who can come up with a way to open all the sterily packaged stuff with gloves on. I hate having to open some of that stuff with my teeth!

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SeaSpray said...

Interesting. I am in awe of people that invent things. How do they think of these things? need? Observation? Dreams? Sometimes things seem so obvious. And then how do they get to the point of manufacturing? I like that show that was on briefly some years back in which there was a competition for the number one invention. Crazy stuff and some good ideas too.Some of those people worked on the same ones for years ..trying to perfect their inventions. Inspiring actually.

Blow guns and sniper squirt guns ..that's funny. :)

We used to squirt the little saline bottles at each other. :)