Friday, April 22, 2011

Federal Reserve Blood Bank

I know it is a scary thought, but what if the Federal Reserve ran the blood banks? At present, one unit of packed red cells is 220 ccs and intended to raise the hemoglobin by one point and the hematocrit by three. To make it look like there is more blood available,the Federal Reserve would increase the number of unit bags that the blood comes in, so each new Federal Reserve Unit would be diluted and maybe only contain 110 ccs of blood and the rest of the bag would be filled with saline. Sure, there are now more units available, but now each unit only raises the hematocrit 0.5. So, in each transfusion you need twice as many units. The real amount of blood available is the same, all you did is make each "unit" less effective.

I guess it is a good thing that the Federal Reserve does not manage blood banks, too bad they manage our nations life blood.


SeaSpray said...

WOWWWW ...GREAT analogy Throckmorton!

rnraquel said...

That is a really good point.