Saturday, April 2, 2011

What's good for the goose killed the gander

I was just sent an email from a friend. A senior National Health Service Administrator in the UK passed away from gastric cancer. It was diagnosed earlier but she had to wait 9 months before her surgery. The surgery was even done at a hospital that she was in charge off. Of course it was way to late. I then thought what if it was over here in the US? You come in to the ED with stomach pain or nausea. They will get a ct regardless of your ability to pay. If UT shows a mass the surgeon on call then has to see you as well as the gastroenterologist. Before you know it you have the egd done, biopsy read and most likely surgery and the first round of chemotherapy before you even left the hospital. Sure you may get bills but if you don't have insurance the hospital writes most of it off and the doctorsa have to suck it up.

So, who has the better system if you are the patient?


SeaSpray said...

That's just sad. And scary it could become the norm for us if things continue with Obummer care.

maybe my friend should've been diagnosed as an inpatient.

Someone told me make sure she gets treatment withing 30 days. When they said that, I just assumed it would be withing a couple of weeks. I could not believe she did not get her 1st treatment until the 30th day!

I don't know if it would make a difference. But I would think that when something is in a person agressively attacking their body that time would be of the essence. ???

I wonder if that is the standard for beginning treatments?

Even so ...obviously still better than waiting NINE months.

SeaSpray said...

Seems like some good news. :)

Hopefully ...this is just the beginning and they will follow through with significant revisions. Oh and I assume the dems are actually reading through the bill now.

dr fed up said...

I usually enjoy your blog but this story of the nhs worker dying sounds incorrect. There is no way a patient with diagnosed gastric cancer would wait 9months for surgery under the NHS.Criticise or praise the US system if you want but dont take cheap shots or make up scare stories about the NHS to support your particular view point