Saturday, July 30, 2011

Anton's Syndrome

In true wisdom the administration decided on a computer order entry system and then mandated that the whole center go live with it last Saturday. They turned their blind eyes towards all the problems that were pointed out in the system and did not bother to discuss it with the physicians. It lasted 71 hours. Even with all their manadated training and PR the system crashed the whole medical center and increased medical errors 10 fold. There had to be an emergency halt placed on using the system and an immediate reversal to go back to the old charts. Still allowing their Anton's Syndrome to override all logic, the administration now states that it will be back on line once the small bigs are fixed. The biggest medical errors were of course, people paying attention to the computer instead of the patient!


SeaSpray said...

I looked up the Syndrome. Iteresting and of course sad.

I get a kick out of how your post titles are medical diagnoses.

Frustrating with a capital "F".

Last sentence beyond the "F".

"A" for alarming.

SeaSpray said...

This is disturbing with a capital "D"! Thot you might find it interesting.

SeaSpray said...

You're missed Throckmorton. Come back out to play! :)

Seriously ...miss your take on things as you see them. Hope you're having a great summer. :)