Saturday, July 30, 2011

"I love the smell of Play Doh in the morning!"

We had a JACHO inspection of the Childrens Hospital last week so all the things that really matter to the kids were hidden. Of course with JACHO you cant have toys for the kids to play with because they might have germs or be racially/socially incorrect. Crayons are right out becuase they are a choking hazzard. Now that JACHO is gone, we can bring out the one thing that helps every child in pre-op as well as their parents. Play Doh! Sure it is against JACHO, but you can hand it to any child and they immediately start playing. For patents, the mere smell brings them back to their own good childhood memories. It is a sorry state of affairs when we have to smuggle Play Doh into the hospital!


Andrew_M_Garland said...

Play Doh.
() Choking hazard.
() Unknown retardent/promoter of bacterial growth.
() No certified expiration date.
() Contraband, so no purchasing and rotation schedule.
() Possible use by two or more patients spreads who knows what.
() Poison danger from high salt content.
() Not manufactured specifically for hospital use.
() Uncontrolled, inconsistent manufacture batch to batch.
() Not FDA approved for any purpose. All medical use is off-label.
() Who is buying and smuggling in this stuff?
() A substitute for close monitoring of the patients.
() Small bits may be mistaken for pills.
() Active participation to hinder a JACHO investigation.
() Unscreened for allergic reactions to directly transferred or airborne components.
() No code for billing.
() Who says it isn't heroin?

SeaSpray said...

I would wonder about bacteria, but if a fresh can for each child, like when you get your personal kits as an inpatient.

Obviously age appropriate.

Oh the smell of a fresh can. :)

Another favorite smell that reminds me of childhood, although probably not healthy, but ..I inhale anyway, is shower curtains because that scent reminds me of plastic pool and beach toys when packaging opened. :)

One of the perks of having children in your life is you still get to play with toys ...and Play doh. :)