Monday, October 14, 2013

No Care Dispair

It is always hard when a patient cries.  You want to comfort them and do all you can to ease their suffering.  Today was one of those days but their was no comforting.  Three separate patients broke down in tears today.  Each has a chronic medical condition and just found out that their employer can not afford to pay the increased cost of their health condition and as a result, they have to go out on their own and purchase Obamacare only to find out that they cant afford it.  I did my best to try to help them and assured them that I would take care of them no matter what.  That didn't comfort them because they didn't know how they were going to pay for their meds and the hospital costs.  So much for the affordable care act.

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SeaSpray said...

You warm my heart Throckmorton. It will matter to them when they need you and I think you must've helped them feel good that at least they could still count on their trusted doctor. But they also must be so scared and overwhelmed and angry. This must be hard on you docs too.

I just saw one employer with a small business very happy (on Greta) because they never had ins and will take advantage of the subsidies. Some people are happy, but I think many, many more are going to be losing the quality ins and then not able to afford what is offered when their other was affordable and BETTER. I think this is all about controlling the people. Anyway ...I just heard they are extending enrollment to March.

I would be terrified to use navigators who will be privy to ss#s and all kinds of personal info and there are no precautions for identity theft and I wonder ...if that happens ..WHO will be responsible? How can navigators not have to be cleared of criminal records, etc.? Why should we trust the IRS with personal info? They have no business in medical. What about HIPAA?

Affordable - one big lie after another since it's inception. Disgusting. And the politicians that voted for this should be forced to use only this and pay for it because after all it's affordable and they have 3 choices.