Sunday, September 22, 2013

"It costs more to provide less"

Just for grins I looked to see how much it would cost to get my family health insurance through one of the Obamacare exchanges.  Turns out that for about 40 percent more cost, I can get a higher deductible plan that covers less.  What a great deal! I hope the medical center doesn't decide to drop our coverage.


SeaSpray said...

Oh I know what you mean. It is awful. I am praying we will not be affected in our private health insurance yet. But I did get notification in my email that our dental insurance is going up by 49.61 a month. We already pay 99.00!

That is just dental.

It is all sickening when you hear what is happening to people.

And for the life of me ..really ...I do not understand how these so called navigators they are hiring don't have to have background checks and people will be giving them their ss#'s and other personal info. IDENTITY THEFT ANYONE???

Really - how are they getting away with it?

SeaSpray said...

Well ..tomorrow is D-day.