Friday, June 6, 2014


I was going to jump in to the conversation in the locker room today but couldn't.  One of the other docs was on a rant.  He had just removed the second infected valve of the heart of a young IV drug abuser.  It went something like this.  "Evolution is BS! You don't see animals evolving into  species that grow some plant only to grind it up, mix it with water, boil it and inject it into themselves.  Then in a stupor fall out of a tree only to have other animals drop everything to save them, support them, rehab them, and then pay for them to go out and do it again!"


SeaSpray said...

I'm not an evolutionist, but following that line of thinking ironic that the supposed top species in the evolutionary chain do this to themselves. Admirable that other stronger humans rescue the weaker, fallen ones when they are able to. I know it must seem futile in these cases but what if that seemingly lost cause does turn their life around?

BTW ...isn't it interesting that the lower species haven't inundated themselves with "paperless" while the top species is burying themselves in it. Just saying. ;) (thinking of your other post)

Happy Father's Day - hope it's a fun one. :)

SeaSpray said...

Hi TM - wondering what you think of the following. Miss your commentary on medicine/politics. Hope you have a great summer! :)

Okay thing.

Personally...ugh ...too many words about this ...but to say it is ALARMING (for some HUGE reasons)is an understatement.

God help us.