Friday, June 6, 2014


I think I am just going to give in and file for Medicare Disability for writers cramp, trigger finger and depression.  In addition to all the other forms, there is now a new plethora of other forms that must be filed out for Medicare compliance according to JACHO, CMS and WGF. (WGF is "who gives a +++!")  I didn't even have clinic today and only had to round on a few patients but still I had to sign, time and date 87 separate forms!  I daydreamed about a pen that after I scrawled an unitelligible swirl as a signature it would shoot a laser that burned the time and date into the paper as it set off smoke detectors in the administrators offices. To be even more passive/aggressive I wanted to date and time the orders in ancient Mayan but one of the other surgeons said their calender was over as the world ended!  Some guy in a suit said it would all be better once all the records were paperless as the date and time would be automatic.  Yeah, sure.  We are "paperless"!  Somehow, paperless means I have to sign more papers that the computer just spits out one after the other.


SeaSpray said...

I hear you Throckmorton ...I really do. I don't have to deal with what you all do but I do feel badly for you and all docs, nurses, etc., having t waste so much time with this.

It's all seemingly bassackwards. And they lied. or were ignorant. or maybe they did a pelosi ...didn't know what getting into until they did it.

I honestly feel concern for my doctors, wonder how they are handling things since the ACA, paperless, etc. and I hope they are alright and won't be among those that hang up their stethoscopes. I really respect all the work and training they put into becoming physicians/surgeons, etc., and feel they should be respected and should be able to run their practices, treat patients as they wish and not be bogged down with "paperless" intrusions on their time.

I absolutely think it is really sad that doctors can't be the Dr Welby types anymore. I think my former pcp was and I wonder if that is ultimately why he had to let go of his practice? Sad for docs and patients. I just wish the ACA and it's minions would go away so we can all get back to normalcy in medicine. Yes there were already problems but nothing like what is going on now and will be in future.

Funny post tho. :)


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