Monday, October 6, 2008

M4A3 Election

One of the great things about my job is that I get to meet all kinds of people who do all kinds of things. After the medical stuff is done there is sometimes time for a little personal chat. As I was removing sutures (I used 6-0, and no one else in the office would remove them) I asked my patient what he thought of the up comming election. He was elated and said that it was fantastic for bussiness. I could not help but as what kind of business he was in. He owns a local gunstore! He said that he can hardly keep up with demand and that there is a huge run on M4s (the carbine version of the M16) and handguns. (Oh, the Bersa 380 was the big seller there). I asked if this happens every election and he said not really. Sales stayed the same for Bush/Kerry and Bush/Gore. He did see a big run for each of the Clinton elections.

I wonder what other types of business are booming because of the election?


SeaSpray said...

It's nice to know there is a business prospering during this economic down turn. Should we buy stocks in guns and then dump them a week before elections? ;)

So...people are thinking Obama will be elected... gun laws will be more restrictive and guns won't be accessible?

(No matter what it looks like, how tonight's debate goes, etc., etc., ..I think McCain is gonna win. I have my reasons.)

Last winter...a neighbor was killed with a gun...allegedly at the hands of her husband while she was sleeping. he was an avid hunter..although this was a handgun.

I do think people have the right to bear arms. The evil people will get them illegally. The good people are the ones that won't be able to defend themselves.

That being said...we don't own guns. I do think it would be fun to go to one of those places for target practice but just never have. Shot a shotgun once. OUCH ..kickback!

I don't get why people need the guns you describe though.

Other businesses...hmmm... good question. Umm...maybe military supplies? have to think about that.

SeaSpray said...
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SeaSpray said...

Oh and Throckmorton... I agree with you about meeting the patients. I love working with them! I've got some neat stories. :)

I have been profoundly touched by some patients...various ages...for various reasons. I have been blessed by them!

One story...a patient saved me money! The cost of THREE nonstress tests out of 5 I had to have when I was pregnant. BCBS was refusing to pay stating I was only aloud to have 2. No where in the manual did it state a limit. It was 80% of OP services. period. No limitations. I called all over and finally was about to write to the main headquarters in Washing DC... but as fate would have it...a woman brought her daughter in to be seen. While waiting I told her about my BC/BS denial because she worked for them. She said that didn't seem right, asked for my name and number and a couple of weeks later called me at home, stated I was right and that all 3 denied claims would be paid. It was sweet that she took an interest. And THAT incident taught me to NEVER accept and always question insurance denials, etc.

I was offered jobs, given recipes, got important local information, business referrals, etc.

This is sweet. One year...two nights before Christmas... I confided in a patient (we were chatting) that I was stressed because I had been working a lot and even Christmas eve and Have company coming for Christmas and no time to prepare everything.

She told me about an easy menu uses to entertain CEOs and people in her social/work circles.

I didn't have it in time for that year although I did make part of it. She hand wrote an entire meal plan and mailed it to me. It's still in my closet. It is amazing and I have used it!

And Someone on the Supreme Court who had accompanied a pt took an interest in what I was discussing with a co-worker about my life at the time and befriended me. That was amazing and all that followed.(He couldn't help me specifically with what was going on...but boy did he help me)

But the most important and rewarding encounter...are the people who you see are hurting or scared for whatever reason... and you know you have helped them. I always felt frustrated that I couldn't be the hands on person actually providing RELIEF/HELP for the patient like you docs and nurses can.

I think it is really nice that you take the time to ask about your patient's lives when you can. Most docs do not, either because they are too busy, don't care. Just the way it is. But I think the personal touch is missing. I am sure he appreciated your interest. :)

I have a doc I would love to have an actual conversation with (I think he would be interesting)..but it's pretty much just medical..which is why I am there.

On the other PCP always puts me in as an extended visit..but I am pretty sure...he likes talking just as much. :)

It feels good to think about these things and reminds me of how things work out in life.

mercydoc said...

This is so true!!! (and not just in the Red States!) One of the docs in my clinic bought an AK47 after the election (well, it's not really an AK, because it's not fully auto) and another friend I know bought a "swiss army" SKS (it has so many add-ons to it that it doesn't even resemble the original gun! No tooth picks, but it does have a knife!).

Anyways, in answer to your question about what other businesses are going to profit? One of the patients in our clinic said they made $30,000 over the phone as he was driving to his doctor's appointment. His business? He sells gold coins!!! People are so worried about what the future holds that they are buying up gold like crazy! Can't say I blame them after what happened to my stock portfolio!!! :-(