Monday, March 16, 2009


(Blue on Blue) It was an amazing meeting for the AMA and rumors were rampant. One was confirmed today by the Amercian Legion. The Obama Administration is planning on changing Veterans Benefits in a significant way. Injuries that are acquired by military service will not be covered and treated through the VA. Instead, it will be out of your own pocket by your own health insurance! That is to say if you can get it! Part of a RPG in your back tends to be a pre-exisisting condition. I can just see it now. IED strike, mulitrauma make it to Balad oh wait, lets see, you are BlueCross PPO, let me see if I can get that pre-certed for you. Oh, this is out of network so it will cost you more unless you want to go to Ramadi! I wonder if the politicians who are thinking of doing this have ever looked at dog-tags. They have your blood type on them, you know, the blood that you are spilling for your country. Oh, wait a minute, they have never served in the military.


SnowLite said...
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SeaSpray said...

I really hope you are wrong about this. It doesn't even make sense that they would cut so drastically... the benefits for the men who ARE spilling their blood.

No one could possibly be that insensitive or respectful..right?

Peter said...

I think it is not overseas medical treatment, because that care must be taken care of by the military directly in field hospitals or in military hospitals in Germany for instance. What is at stake is medical care for veterans in the United States at places like Walter Reed or VA hospitals throughout the country.

SeaSpray said...

I've heard they backed off of it.

That is actually the most disgusting and egregious idea I think I have ever heard of from ANY administration.

How could they even contemplate that for a second?