Monday, March 16, 2009

Is Healthcare a Right? Or a Left?

I was stuck in an airport and managed to catch a local radio show. I think it was the "Valentine Show". Anyway, I was struck by his statements about "the right to healthcare". It goes something like this. I am paraphrasing as I can not remember it exactly. "If healthcare is a right, and we are going to make the government provide our "rights" then lets look at some other things that also then should be "rights". Lets say, food. You need to eat. Clothing, you need to be warm. For that matter, heat then should be a right. Of course, a place to live should be a right as well. So, if healthcare is a right and we decide that the government is to provide it, then they should also provide food, clothes, and places to live on the taxpayers dime. But then, by forcing one group to pay for anothers healthcare, isn't that violating their rights? I guess for the "Left" a "right" means that it is something that you get for free or at least someone else pays for the bulk of it while a "Right" "Right" is something that you can go out and get on your own and the government should not get in the way.

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SeaSpray said...

But we already do pay for the uninsured..the difference is that when it is across the board...we will all have less rights to a timely procedure, diagnostic tests, etc... so EVERYONE can uniformly be "rightfully" insured.

I confess...I have been away from the talking heads since last week and don't know the latest.

I have been feeling pained and drained by the people in charge now. I'll rally back. It's just gonna be a long 4 years unless some really good things happen.

And I wonder...for the conservatives that were mad at the republicans in charge for the mistakes they made and so voted Obama in, republicans out or stayed home in apathy...are they happy NOW?

For the life of me...I never understand that mentality. Were they incapable of seeing the larger picture...who they really would NOT want in? people who were the antithesis of what they really believed?

I guess so.

Just venting. I hear this stuff (still thinking about the soldier benefits post)and I really feel great concern for our country and the American values/traditions we all grew up with.