Saturday, March 14, 2009

Little lost Remoras

A group of our collegues has just merged to form a larger medical group. In the process they need to expand both their front and back office staff and placed several ads for help. They had a flood of applicants and were supprised by the number who applied that had recently been paralegals. Apparently there has been a huge number of lawoffs in our local legal community. I checked with a patient who is a realtor who always seems to have the pulse of the town and she said that "quite a few local attorneys have their houses on the market and are trying to unload them". I asked her why this was and she said that she only has some ideas but thought that in a bad economy everyone would be trying to sue each other and was supprised that the lawyer clients are looking to go to smaller cheaper houses. I guess like in any business, when money is tight, the first to go is the help, and that must be why the attorneys are letting their paralegals go. I wonder how much some of our states tort reform measures have contributed to this as well as our states recent increase in "legal malpractice suits"?


SnowLite said...
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SeaSpray said...

I don't really understand the cause and effects of:"our states tort reform measures have contributed to this as well as our states recent increase in "legal malpractice suits""

But could just be the economy too.

I heard a few weeks ago that divorce rates were down because people can no longer afford the expense of divorce. And perhaps firms and the private sector are putting things on hold whenever possible.?

The thing about cutting staff... I guess it helps... but often things are compromised. In the medical my opinion is the patients that suffer and staff has more frustration with higher burnout because they are busy trying to do the jobs of other staff as well as their own.

I guess it depends on the corporation. So then lawyers have to do more of their own research, which then ties them up when they could be pursuing other things that could bring in more revenue. The thing about good, reliable can count on them to do the grunt work so your free to follow up on the larger things.

I think when employers have to cut staff... they need to be certain of outcomes... future impact on corporation.

Years son's company (computer networking)had to take back *significant* raises, no bonuses and did away with the company cars for everyone. They didn't get raises for a few years.

They did it that way so they wouldn't have to let anyone go. Now they are doing very well and I pray they will continue to do so in this economy because their livelihood depends on other corporations for business.

They never did go back to company cars.

I'll come back. Might say something about colleagues hiring.

Making chef salad sans neat now. :)

SnowLite said...
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SeaSpray said...

I'll be going into the job market shortly and it is disconcerting to know that I will be competing with people who have a higher education.

I hope life experience counts for something. (I would think it would.) I have 20 years experience in the medical arena and have worn many hats and so am well rounded to branch out in various directions if need be. And certainly, one doesn't need to be a rocket scientist to do what I do.

Also, sometimes employers don't hire people because they seem over qualified and think they will leave as soon as a better opportunity comes up and that is probably true.

I have a friend who is in management and hires periodically and she said where they used to get some applications.. they are now inundated with applications for an open position.

In today's Sunday paper there are 5 medical jobs advertised. 1 for reception. I monitor the hospital job opportunities on line and look at search engines on line and medical reception jobs are scarce. I can do more than reception... so I am not only looking at that, but that is perhaps the gateway to other things in a physician's office...I don't know as I only have hospital experience.

A couple of years ago..our local paper was flooded with job openings as were the hospitals. I suppose in this market I should not be so choosy.

I have loved working in a hospital, but have decided that for better hours -Sundays/holidays off... I would now prefer to work in a physicians office.

One of my docs has an awesome group practice and they are the role model for what I want in working for a medical practice.

Early told me you worked in emergency registration and so you know what I mean by wanting something interesting/dynamic/busy. I figure that a *group* practice is all of that... without having to chase ambulance patients all over the ED. Of course I like my down times like anyone, but they happen there too.

So..I wish your colleagues were opening in my town. :)

I am waiting on some results that I will probably get in a week or so... but then I have to do something..even if it's wrong. :)

And you know what? I am not going to make myself crazy with the doom and gloom news of the economy or knowing about all the applicants, etc., ... because bottom line... I do believe if you are meant to get something... the doors will open even if not expected too. :)

I know..I digressed.