Friday, April 3, 2009

Geithner Syndrome

I was wathching Timothy Geithner's interview with Katy Couric and noticed that he always leans forward with his shoulders bent and looking up at who he is talking to. I checked and this is how he was during the Congressional Hearings. Infact, I can not find a single video or picture of him with his head in anatomic position. I have got the feeling that he has a high c-spine abnormality and that he can not extend his neck to neutral. He also aways turns slightly to one side so that he can twist his head when he is talking which to me suggests that this is a fixation problem, most likely at the atlanto-axial level. The other thing that I noticed is that he has very delayed blink reflexes. Even with the hot lights of the interview, he blinked at a rate of 1/3 that of Couric. This is definately suggestive of some major medication or CNS issue. There is a lot more going on with this guy then we are led to believe.


SeaSpray said...

Well... Throckmorton..if none of that were true..I can imagine that the weight of this burden will take it's toll in some way physically. But your right... because whenever I think of him sitting... he is always leaning forward as you say. It could be learned behavior too.

I just don't have confidence in any of them and feel like they are like kids let loose in a candy store. Oh boy..we can have and do what we want now!

Frankly, I have not felt this disturbed, unsettled about any presidential administration (dem or rep)that I can remember. I began paying attention when I was in HS with Nixon.

And while I know there are serious problems with our health care system... speaking as a patient and a member of the baby boomer generation... I am concerned with what changes this current administration plans to do.

And frankly...I also don't think they should be tackling this while we have a financial crisis of such epic proportions going on. They have not demonstrated they know what they are doing (perhaps no one does)and I hardly think Nancy Pelosi, Chris Dodd, etc. can be trusted to understand these things and not give everything away on one end...FREE care everywhere... but without any consideration to consequences.

I am guessing that as politicians they will continue to have there top notch health care for life and never have to worry about waits or being denied cancer medications, etc. They will always have priority for any necessary and timely treatments.

That British guy, Faniel Hannen...has been warning us not to go down this road -socialism. He talked about how Thatcher improved and reversed things and now they've gone back and have no money and can't even raise money to do a stimulus.

And now there are those that are urging us to go to a one world currency. I adamantly believe...we should never compromise our national sovereignty. Listening to Obama talking in Europe... it sounds like he is willing to give that away.

I have a feeling the terrorists..oops not pc to say that now... but those people are just loving that he is in charge now.

My PCP and I were discussing this the other day... and he said (not verbatim) that perhaps the people have to fall hard enough to realize what is important and things will change. When you suffer because you go too far one way, you'll try harder to make things right again.

I hope he is right.

It will be interesting to see how the 2010 elections turn out.

SeaSpray said...

Correction.. meant to say Daniel Hannan.

SeaSpray said...

Okay..last comment -I do have to get out the door and have made the mistake of listening to talk radio while doing so.

Have you listened to what Obama is saying to the EU, etc???

He APOLOGIZED for America's arrogance and said that America is changing.

Throckmorton... not only are they like kids (lack of inexperience/maturity/wisdom)in a candy store... but I am concerned they will willingly give the whole store away with the misguided Kumbayah philosophy.

Actually...I think that song was playing softly in the background as he spoke. ;)

My apologies for posting so much. It bothers me so much that I am seriously entertaining thoughts (don't know if I can though) of disengaging from all political content from blogs, talking heads, internet news and radio and only allow music and happy thoughts in. Focus on the new baby coming into our family soon. You know... go to and stay in my happy place. keep that warm fuzzy least keeping the negativity out.

We have at least 3 years and 9 months to go with this administration. I think what frustrates me greatly is that while I disagree with so much in this administration... I feel so powerless to effect any make any kind of a difference... particularly since I am a red hearted Jersey girl living in a very blue state.

And on top of it all, I just heard that the military votes might not count for a certain election in NY. For gosh sakes...if anyone deserves to have their vote heard it is the military! know I always say this but delete any of this if you want to since I went way off track. I vented. :)