Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Obama Orders

Instead of writing very specific orders for patients under my care for which I will be held accountable not to mention having to know what to do, I decided to try Obama CIC orders. I wrote in the chart that if the nurses felt that the patients life was in danger they could use medications and other skills to help the patient. I made certain that I left everything up to them and made sure that they would be accountable. Further I made sure that I made it as vague as possible. Just kidding.

I wanted to find out what my friends who were still active duty thought of the whole Pirate affair and how it was handled. The consensus was that "thank goodness that the Navy and the SOP Command had the courage to take matters into their own hands". Needless to say, they felt that the lack of clear direction and intention was a deliberate pass the buck by the President. Worse, right after the action the White House released a statement that the President authorized the rescue attempt when all he did was avoid making a decision and left it entirely to the Navy. They all agreed that the true Commander in Chief was the Navy commander of the scene.


SeaSpray said...

Ha! I was reading that and thinking,"He HAS to be kidding!" :)

I just do not think he is experienced enough to be president. I sincerely take issue with the people in charge of our government now.

And with Traitor Spector (sp?) and now Franken (ugh!) giving then 60 in the senate for having control of the votes... I actually find myself looking up and questioning God..in disbelief. (THIS is what you want?" i do that because I read somewhere in the scriptures once that God puts rulers in charge.

All I can figure... is this debacle will lead to a GREATER good in the grand scheme of things. I hope so.

I don't think I have ever felt so vulnerable in my entire life. For personal reasons and seriously.. because of the way our government is now running.. or being run.

Yes.. I agree.. the navy commander and the seals are the heroes.

What did you think of the 747 debacle yesterday... flying low with it looking like a replay of that sunny day in Manhattan on 9/11?

Surreal and incomprehensible..oh and irresponsible. Those poor, frightened people!

Andrew_M_Garland said...

Obama will only make policy in areas that are claimable/defendable.

For example, redoing the health care system in the next few months:
Goes Right - Claimable: See how I have solved the problem.
Most Certainly Goes Wrong - Defendable: Bush created too big a problem for me to solve quickly. (Said in an uncharacteristic, humble tone.)

This also applies to his economic program to gather up all savings for the next 10 years, and hand it out to his friends in alternative energy, alternative carbon production, alternative lifestyles, alternative worldviews, and living in a world of alternative physics.

The pirate incident did not fit. Bush didn't father the pirates and Bush wasn't one of the pirates. Things might go wrong, with no Bush to blame.

So, it was better to remain distant and say either "They did the great job I told them to do" or "That's what you get when I can't be there to do it myself."

SeaSpray said...

That blame Bush thing is absolutely crazy making for me!

The health care system has had problems for a long time. Don't see how they could do that but of course they would try.

Although and this didn't create the problem, but certainly adds to it.. Didn't Bush say people that don't have insurance can go to the ERs? Now..that is true... but my impression was that it was a casual, no big deal statement..all though I did not see what context his statement was made.

Andrew..that pirate comment is funny. I don't know..they may've dug something up to connect him... oh ..I don't know.. like um..Bush dressed as a prate for Halloween in 1958? ;)

It is a given that I don't agree with Obama's views. I do like his amiable ways.. all the while knowing a wolf can be in sheep's clothing. he is a great communicator.

I don't care about the teleprompter stuff (people are human) other than they were so harsh, critical and based Bush's intelligence on his verbal skills.. which admittedly weren't the most eloquent... or maybe by definition..conservative=low IQ in their minds.

I do believe Obama was not ready for this job. I do believe that most of the people who voted for him wanted change and voted mindlessly.

(Makes me crazy when a person can't tell you what the candidate did that qualifies them for the job..and I saw that with educated people too.)

Back to Obama's inability to make a decision... his decision..is to play the game to the best of his advantage..just like pointed out here.

But that is one of the key reasons I do not have confidence in him... he does not exude strength,decisiveness and determination... comes across weak.

I would love to get in the heads of the world leaders to know what they really think about our current president.

I am so concerned it is a message of weakness.