Friday, April 24, 2009

The Too Sick to be in the Hospital Test

You have got to love it when the government runs things! Medicare will not pay for a pet/ct unless it is done as an outpatient. So if the patient is really sick from their cancer and is in the hospital, they cant have the test even though the results of the test will help determine how best to treat them so that they can get better and leave the hospital! I wish the politicians who come up with these policies had to come down and explain it to the patients and their families. I know that it would be evil for me to think that someday they are the ones who need the pet/ct and cant get it.


Andrew_M_Garland said...

(1) A person in the hospital is seriously ill and possibly dying. (Marcott, Willcott, and Boycott 1998 "Hospital Practice: They are an outpatient when they can walk")

(2) It is a waste of resources to diagnose an illness that may lead to death anyway. (Prescott, Wilcott, and Bedcott 1996 "Resource Allocation to the Seriously Ill")

(3) Although outpatient CT's decrease lawsuits and awards, inpatient CT's merely provide evidence of malpractice. (Prescott, Inkblott, and Millott 2001 "Efficacy of imaging in medical lawsuit management")

(4) The provision of CT's supports hospital marketing. Admitted patients are already customers. (Fratboy and Attaboy 2003 in Hospital Marketing Age "Economics of acquiring versus treating customers in the hospital services market")

"Sarcasm Today, Policy Tomorrow"


SeaSpray said...
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SeaSpray said...

Oh Throckmorton...*Sigh* ... I truly do not understand how they justify these things.

Do they EVER actually consult with know..the professionals in the trenches with the patients every day?

LOL Andrew! I thought you were serious and citing actual cases until I reread the names.