Friday, September 4, 2009

Fem-pop, chop chop

I saw that in a speech in N.H. last month our President stated that physicians would rather cut off a leg than treat diabetes. He went on to say that we get paid between 30 and 50 thousand dollars for the ampututation!

Here is the problem with the whole we can save with "preventative care" debate. First, all of us are eventually going to get sick and need care. Secondly, how many of us are actually accountable enough to go and get our preventive care stuff done? United Healthcare has already figured this out. When they sell health insurance, they are sure to tell people that their preventative health checkups are covered. It is a great selling point becuase only 17% of patients that have this coverage actually go and get a single check up! People go to the doctor when they are sick, they dont like to go when they aren't. So, are we going to force them? If so how? (By the way, is not going to your preventive care checkups a pre-existing problem?)

While all this is being figured out, what should I do with the hypertensive, chain smoking, sedentary diabetic who comes in with a dead foot? One thing for sure, I wont be getting between 30 and 50 thousand dollars!


SeaSpray said...

I was just reading comments from pp-md in the independent urologist and he was discussing how poorly surgeons are reimbursed for surgeries and the money is made with office visits and procedures.

Where does Obama get his erroneous facts anyway?

Our ins co has a wellness program which I like. they will pay 100% of any 1st time wellness check up..even labs..other long as it is the 1st one of the year and it is for preventative. mammo/gyne will be covered 100%.. my 1st labs.. if it is for prevention..100%. After the 1st one..then back to the 90% ppo. I am going to ask about an upcoming procedure but I have a feeling that because it is follow up in a pre-existing condition..they may not. Gonna try tho. have to ask doc 1st if there is anyway he thinks it could be under wellness. :)

Dead foot? How the heck does that happen?

Throckmorton..what does being sedentary have to do with being a negative impact on diabetes? Or maybe a better question..why does exercise have a positive effect on diabetes? What goes on systemically that it is beneficial?

I hope you don't mind that I am asking.

I've always heard it was good but never knew why..aside from the obvious..that exercise is good for everyone.

Throckmorton said...

Activity is helpful for diabetes in many ways. First, it helps to lover body weight which makes blood sugar easier to control. Next, increased activity dialtes and opens peripheral blood vessels that can become closed by diabetes. Further, as the peripheral microcirculation is improved so is the blood supply that goes to the peripheral nerves which helps to prevent diabetic neuropathy. Lasty, increased activity helps improve cardiac function which can be impaired in diabetes.

SeaSpray said...

Thank you *very much* for answering this Throckmorton!

It scares me.. know..I *should* be! I DON'T want to be that patient!

I never thought to ask why it was important.

I have to say.. your words have made an impact.

I hope you don't mind.. but I have copied your quote and you've got *top billing* in my health blog side bar... right under a motivational picture I just put there for a visual inspiration to exercise. :)

I don't want to push this aside. I want to be faced with it every time I go into that blog.

I linked your name at the top of your comment.

*** If you prefer that I don't use your quote.. I will remove it.

I actually wrote a long comment explaining why your comment was motivational/important to me but decided more info than you'd want and so will be my next post. :)

This year especially..I have become keenly aware that if I don't want to deal with something.. I am apparently a master of avoidance.

I am absolutely struggling with weight loss! I have so much to gain..if I lose.. the weight.

Even tho wrestling with it.. the upside is that for a good 20 years.. I didn't try except for 2 halfhearted attempts. But is with me every single day and I can't get away from it..nor should I. It's just time.. and I am miserable because I get close to a goal to break and go back up 5-10 lbs! I KNOW if I break that barrier.. even by one pound...I will be incredibly motivated!!

And a doctor told me..*I could reverse everything*if I would just lose weight! If someone Told Christopher Reeves.. if he just did ___ he'd walk again..I'm sure he would have.

I know I am at this crossroads in my life and I know I have to do ..what I HAVE to do... or (to quote that same doc) ..I might find myself going down roads I don't want to go down.

It's certainly not too late.. But I HAVE to do it!

Again..thanks for the inspiration! :)