Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Flu do, Flu dont

You have to love the government how they come through in a crisis. In our area the H1N1 is rampant. Infact, our ICUs are full of young people with flu associated pneumonia. So, in the interest of public health the government came out with several policies. First, to cut down on the spread, they announced that if you have flu symptoms to stay home, they also came out and said that if you have the flu to not go to the Health Department Clinics as the flu is self limited and this will decrease the chance of people there with other problems will get the flu. They also suggested that you avoid the hospital ers and doctors offices. So, guess what happened? If kids miss school, they have to have a doctors note. Since the flu lasts several days, the feds require FMLA paperwork from the doctors office for adults. Both of these require that the patient be seen either at the health department of a doctors office or hospital. So, they tell you not to go to the health department or doctor but demand that you do so for the paperwork. It is insane.


EE said...

Gotta love it.

SeaSpray said...

It's so bassackwards!

I've never gotten a flu shot even the free ones for the hospital workers.

Ironically.. I never got a flu shot because I was always afraid ever since the first swine flu shots went bad in the 70s.