Monday, February 1, 2010

La costra nastra damas

Just so I can say you heard it here first. Well actually we were sitting in the lounge when one of the docs was asking for advice about how best to take care of a radiation injury to the pelvis of a lady and we got to talking about nukes. Somehow we figured out how to take care of here and then went to other radiaton injuries, which then went into nuclear weapons. This led to Iran, and then out came the prediction. The general consenses was that Iran is going to touch off a small yield nuke on or about 2/11/2010. I am not sure how we got there, but there it is. The nuclear prediction of a bunch of docs. Lets see if we are right.


SeaSpray said...

Throckmorton ..I look forward to your titles as much as your posts and sometimes I have to research the meaning... and then I learn some new medical condition, etc. :)

God forbid on your predictions! YIKES!

I didn't realize until this weekend it was escalating.

I don't understand logically speaking, why the Arab nations with their vast expanses of land want to push little Israel ..about the size of NJ, out to sea. Or why they can't give the Palestinians some land of their own.

Since your talking predictions Theologically speaking ..the disagreement goes back thousands of years and there are predictions for the Middle East being the focus of a great war in the future.

They are fascinating to read ..when you see how these ancient predictions tie into modern times ..things they couldn't possibly have known back then and yet today can see the connections.

I even remember being told something when I was a young girl and couldn't understand how it could possibly happen and now with technology can absolutely see the possibilities.

Sorry ..I know that is way off track. Just that whenever I hear about things heating up with the Middle East involving Israel, I think of eschatological writings I've read. I always found the topic fascinating ..although scary too.

I do hope you are wrong and the US can stop this before all the Arab countries feel compelled to arm themselves with nuclear weapons.

I hope the patient will be alright.

PlanetaryGear said...

I am very interested how your lady in question came by her radiation injury! I just finished reading a long article on problems with radiation dosing in cancer treatment devices that are giving out deadly or dangerous doses instead of what they were programmed for. Probably as a result of using a microsoft based operating system in their control computer...

As to the other, you wont have to wait long. I wonder how our government will respond to something like that since they came to power under the mantra that Iran was no where near a nuke and wasn't after a nuke and were really quite nice people after all...

SeaSpray said... their people were out in the streets in protest ..tweeting to the world ..crying out to us for help ..within ..being brutalized and killed as they did so. And what does it tell us that they knew they might die in doing this? ..they were that desperate.. nice people in the government they are...

In fairness though, Obama is sending ships into the region and using sanctions.

PlanetaryGear ..I was being facetious right along with you with my comments above.

Patients at Cedars-Sinai med ctr were exposed to dangerous levels of radiation because of defective equipment:

I have an impressive radiology history ..beginning since I was 14. Just worked out that way.

Throckmorton ..talking about the medication soup ..reminded me of *radiation soup* ..and I think physicians should have the ability to view a patients' radiologic history that they will at least ..think twice before sending the patients off for a test that may not be needed. Obviously risks for the condition warrant the testing. I just think it is important for a physician to have an accurate knowledge of a patients radiologic history. EMR systems would help with that.. but I guess even then ..unless it was a centrally connected system ..things would still fall through the cracks.

I wish I could have one of those 3D images done that I saw with Dr Oz on Oprah. Get a really good view of everything and then be reassured or act accordingly. Too bad it's so expensive and a lot of radiation, because it would be a great physical assessment tool for least that was my impression when seeing how well they could see into the heart, etc.

I have to say ..that regarding getting CTs..I was clueless there were risks until reading the med blogs and even more clueless that the machines could be defective and cause significant harm. I always went in to my tests in with complete innocence and trust that everyone knows what they're doing when they run the equipment. My greatest concern when sliding into the CT was that I wouldn't giggle (took great restraint)at the sound of the intermittent chimes and computer voice telling me "Breathe!" :)