Saturday, February 27, 2010


I wasn't sure at first so I had to check it out. It turned out that it is true. The health insurance that the government gives to our soldiers and their families is TRICARE. It was already bad enough that it paid less then Medicare and far less than the Blue Cross that other federal employees have, but guess what? By law it is tied to the Medicare rates. So as of monday, our troops and their families will have their TRICARE cut by 21%. If there is anyone who deserves a "Cadillac" Health Insurance policy it is our troops. Instead, we give it to Congressmen and office sitting, every holiday taking governent employee. Does the Federal Government even try to care?


SeaSpray said...

Oh Throckmorton ...this is so bad WRONG hurts.

I 100% agree with you!

*** You should send this in as an editorial somewhere.

Chrysalis Angel said...

It is sickening.

Savage Henry said...

I have to confess something here:

I have guilted one of the docs I work for into continuing to accept TriCare. I had the honor to serve my country as a Marine for 8 years before going to school and becoming an x-ray tech (and if I can keep my grades up, an MD/DO one day).

Every time he complains about it, I regale him with stories about my service, with special attention paid to the hardships me and my buddies faced. I remind him that taking care of some deployed grunt's kid with acute pharyngitis lessens the amount of crap said grunt has to worry about.

This causes me no small amount of anguish from my cognitive dissonance. I'm an ardent capitalist and a present health care worker, but I'll always be a Marine. We take care of our own as best we can.

I love the doc I work for because he's a great doc, and a good man for putting up with me.

I just found your blog and read the whole thing. I hope you keep writing!

Semper Fi,

Savage Henry

Chrysalis Angel said...

Savage Henry, I just want to say a special thank you to you for all those years of service. All of us, that have the freedom we do today, need to thank a soldier. Good luck to you on your career path.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Savage Henry - Thank you very much for your service...your sacrifice.

Best to you in your future endeavors. :)

SeaSpray said...

*Off topic: Earlier this morning I heard Pete Stark is taking over Charlie Wrangold's (sp?) position.

What do you and your colleagues think of this? Isn't he behind a lot of the medical legislation that has hurt the system?

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