Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Qu'ils mangent de la brioche",

I came accross this from the CBC news. Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams is set to undergo heart surgery in the US. So, why would he leave the Canadian Health System for his care. Could it be because of the wait, the lack of specialists, the lack of post-operative services such as dialysis? He is after all in charge of healthcare in his province! What does he know that he doesn't want the rest of Candada to know?



SeaSpray said...

And ...could it be because America still has the *best*,state-of -the-art medical care over any other country?

I wonder? Good questions!

LOVE your titles! Always so clever. :)

SeaSpray said...

Off topic ..but check this out when you have a chance"


Suergeon Sid Schwab has the above link in his current post:http://sidschwab.blogspot.com/2010/02/well-said.html

I wrote a long comment here but off track totally and so put it in his if he doesn't delete before posting it. Sometimes he censors me... although hasn't lately.

SeaSpray said...

Great Comment in Dr S' blog!

I left some long ones there tonight in response. One he put up earlier but not the other. maybe he missed it. Then I left a lot more. It makes me crazy to see conservatives lumped in as unintelligent RWS (r wing screamers)I call the crazy progressives in response to RWS ..(LWL) left wing loons. :)

He can do intellectual circles around me..but I feel like when I make valid points he can't refute ..he yells "FOX!" like that justifies his arguments.

He's a nice doc, but I think I might do him a favor if I bow out of his comments cause I think I make him a bit crazy ..but then I get drawn back in like a moth to flame. Debating is fun though. :)

Delete this TM as is off track big time. :)

SeaSpray said...

Throckmorton - off track from your post, but I KNOW you will appreciate *the checklist* component to this,


Then the following statement at the end of the post: "It is the rare patient who has a medical home to turn to in these times of need - with a primary care physician who can advocate on their behalf and facilitate their safe and emotionally sensitive care (which is what I try to do in my practice)."

That is how I feel about my urologist. Apples and oranges and I don't pretend for a second to have faced anything close to what happens with a cancer patient faces and I pray I never will. And mine isn't emotionally sensitive either.

But .. I have felt like that rare patient ..that my urodoc has been an advocate on my behalf, facilitating safe care. I have likened him to an anchor in the storm. Dr Val's comment immediately resonated within.. that I am that fortunate patient and better off for having such a doc.

Anyway ..I immediately thought of you because of the cruel absurdity of this as you are always speaking out against these things. And I was re-reading your header/profile the other night and you seem to be one of those docs. You stand up for and care about your patients too and I just want to say that no doubt you are a blessing to your patients and never give up the fight! :)

新加坡 said...

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LeRoy said...

As I've stated here before, Canada's health care system is excellent. And I've always been treated quickly and professionally when the situation warranted it, such as congestive heart failure two years ago.

Remember that Newfoundland is a "have not" province with fewer that a half million people. It only joined Canada in 1949 and was a very, very poor Brit colony before then.

Don't pick on the Canadian health care system. At least the pure greed of doctors isn't what makes the system move. When Canuck docs get very greedy, they move to Texas. Perhaps you should remember that service to patients is what you're supposed to be in the trade for.

PlanetaryGear said...

pure greed? high larious.

We spend a lot of money in the US, but docs compensation is less than 4% of the total. somebody is making a lot of money here, but it isn't docs. Just cause they make a little more than your docs doesn't mean that is whats driving the issues here. You could cut docs salary to $0 in the US and it would make no appreciable impact on the problem at all. There are some lovely stand outs among doctors here that have learned how to game the system, find out whats being paid for and then perform more of it, but that is a symptom of the problem of where the money comes from and how those decisions are made and not a reflection on the vast majority of our doctors.

SeaSpray said...
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SeaSpray said...
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SeaSpray said...

I deleted my other posts because I probably shouldn't vent about another blogger's post in here... although ..it did feel good. Still ..not fair to you either ..off track and all.

I Hope your having a good week. :)