Monday, April 5, 2010

You get what you dont pay for!

The State of Massachusetts passed an emergency regulation to keep health insurance companies from have a huge price hike in their rates to offset the mandated care imposed by the state. The issue, it is the non-proffit health insurance companies that are affected and are the ones fighting. Since the companies have to cover all the things that the states require but can not use actuarial data, the non-proffits are going broke. The only way they can stay afloat is to raise their rates. Hey, come to think of it. Isnt the government like a big non-proffit? (politicials and their friends excluded?) So, in Massachusetts, the state is telling what has to be insured, tells what rates the insurance companies have to charge and the result is insolvency. Good thing Obamacare is different. Oh, wait a minute. Nevermind, it is the same thing.


SeaSpray said...

This is what I am afraid of.

There are good things ..but they should have implemented the most important and fixed the old system. They didn't even try.

I was told by a blogger in WC's blog and by my older son's friend (Friend stated he believes in socialism'/everyone equal. - WHAT are they learning in college because he did not think that way when younger???)that I am being selfish because I want to keep my quality insurance plan with it's affordable rates vs sacrificing for the good of all. I confess they did cause me a twinge of guilt ..but I can't help it ..I don't think you turn the 75% of the population who are insured upside down for the good of a few when in that population know there are people who could get insurance and stop scamming the system, etc. I also think you don't financial hardships for small business owners is right either and that will have a trickle down effect regarding existing and hiring new employees and effect the economy adversely for a multitude of reasons. It seems people are only hearing what they *will* get ..but don't appreciate the full scope of the consequences of this new bill.

The cost and insurance does not mean access you and WC have so aptly pointed out. Unless HC comes to the point where there is such control ..physicians will not be able to deny anyone because private ins will have vanished ..BECAUSE of insolvency and the new HC regime will be the status quo. Yet seems the politicians will have the good insurance and so perhaps there will be companies ..but the average middle class people will be screwed and have to suffer the inferior HC.

I hope I am wrong. I hope I am grossly misunderstanding all of this... and everything will be just wonderful for all.

I also hope conservatives get back in charge and *THIS* time do their jobs ..reverse what they can in this bill and Improve what they can.

And ..if both parties would stop looking for political gain ..and seriously work in a bipartisan effort for the good of all.

And I do care about helping people that aren't insured. There are people that are hard working and yet don't have insurance. I would like to see something done for people. But why not target specific areas instead of throwing the baby out with the bathwater?
I have never ...ever ... distrusted any American presidential administration as I do this one. I will NEVER trust them.

I am also so concerned about foreign affairs. Putin getting cozy with Chavez, Iran and so much more. I feel like our enemies are stealthily plotting and making their moves and this president and his administration are blinded to the dangers. Logically ..anyone would think this is "the time" to make their moves ..slowly gathering strength and position for the time they can strike at us in whatever way will bring us down or at the very least weaken us as a nation. I don't think one has to be a Mensa mind to figure this out.

SeaSpray said...
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SeaSpray said...

Hey Throckmorton - I have a question.

I was listening to the news tonight and I heard that businesses will be getting between 35% and 50% tax credits or reimbursements. (I forget exactly think it's credits)

It would seem that it would help small businesses that already provide insurance? But, it would seem to hurt businesses that do not not because now they will have to spend money on ins they didn't have to before. It seems to force upon a business owner could hurt the business and possibly the economy. Are physicians happy about this part of the bill since they already do provide ins?

You probably already know this. I think it's funny but am surprised the doc in FL would do this.

SeaSpray said...

From an article on Drudge:"Other business owners are trying to understand new Internal Revenue Service reporting requirements related to business-to-business transactions that will kick in as a result of the new law. Others are looking ahead to coverage mandates for 2014 and calculating how many part-time versus full-time employees they should have to best contain costs.

While Obama has been touting a tax credit for small businesses that offer employees health coverage, Dimarob said many small businesses wouldn't be able to participate. First they must do research to see whether they qualify. "It requires them to understand the intricacies," she said."

So the 30-50% tax break isn't automatic.

I don't know how physicians do it all. You didn't go for an MBA - you went for the sciences/medicine. You must hire out for all that. Then again You have to know it all too. Not being medical office savvy - it seems to me that physicians have two jobs in their office - medical and business..because of all the regulations and paperwork. I just wonder if this will affect new hires or encourage with tax breaks?