Sunday, April 11, 2010

Allergic to HIPPA and JACHO

After a case, I was writing post-op orders. I instinctively go to the front of the chart where the patients allergies would be in bright red letters. Instead, all it said with a JACHO HIPPA approved sticker is "patient has an allergy". So, now you have to pour through all the computer and emr generated junk to actually find the allergy. I couldn't help myself, so I had to ask. Aparently, this is some new HIPPA JACHO thing. Infact, the patients name is not even supposed to be on the chart.

I know that to stay in business, JACHO does its best to invent new ways to create paperwork and to decrease actual patient care, and that the government likes to make new regulations without thinking of the consequences, but this just seems stupid.


SeaSpray said...

HI Throckmorton - I read this once ..thought "Huh"? And so reread again.

Medicine is precise - that is so vague. Designated spot to read pertinent info is all that is needed and in red is a good idea.

Where did you find it?

So Stupid!

If you don't include the patient's name on chart then isn't there a higher risk of error/mix-ups?

Because of HIPPA ..Our hospital created this opt out for people who are admitted (inpatients).
So ..we had to mark it in the system, fill it out on paper and get patient's permission to let visitors know if they are there or not. One day a teenager came in looking for their relative that was brought in to ER and admitted ..they knew they were there and I couldn't affirm the patient was there or admitted. I had to call the house supervisor! I trust that has all been worked out since then ..I hope!

The other thing is with any admit ..they are assigned a special number and we had to find the patient and find out who their designated person was and give only that person the code number for when they called the nurse's station about the admitted patient. Then that person had to commit said code number to memory, then chew and swallow the code number paper while standing in front of us and then we had to document in the system and on paper with the designated person's signature that we followed the protocol. I'm telling you ..this all really held up the registration process! ;)

Seriously ..some of these HIPPA/JACHO are stupid and cause so much time loss and attention taken away from the patient you are trying to take care of.

Just wait until the monster HC plan takes hold.

SeaSpray said...
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SeaSpray said...

Oh and at the hospital I have been an inpatient in does none of that! Go figure.

I just caught the title. You're funny! I imagine you share a common allergic reaction in your profession. :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

It doesn't seem it, it is.